Alabama Asbestos Laws

Alabama asbestos laws are enforced by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, which monitors and attempts to limit the potential harm caused by asbestos in public buildings as well as private property.

Notification of demolition

When demolishing a building or attempting asbestos removal in Alabama, you will need to provide very specific information on how the asbestos will be removed.  This includes disclosing the method for removing the asbestos, accounting for asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in the building, if this material is friable and whether not the material accounted for will remain in the building.  You will need to account for ACMs to the nearest square or liner foot, depending on the type of material.  Most importantly, you will need to disclose the disposal site and the individual tasked with getting the hazardous asbestos containing materials to the site.


All asbestos removal contractors must be certified by the federal government or state of Alabama and their Alabama certification to perform asbestos abatement must be renewed on a yearly basis.  Alabama asbestos removal technicians must also follow guidelines set by the Occupation Health and Safety Administration for maximum exposure and necessary training.  Monitoring of the health of workers that handle asbestos containing materials is also carried out by the OHSA.

Who must notify the ADEM under Alabama asbestos laws?

There are three conditions that require a contractor, property owner or other applicable person to contact the ADEM 10 weekdays prior to the asbestos work beginning.  ADEM generally tests building materials to certify that asbestos is present and will evaluate all plans to remove the asbestos.  You must notify the ADEM if:

- The renovation entails the removal of 260 linear feet, 160 square feet or 35 cubic feet of asbestos containing material

- It is an ACM structure that will be demolished

- The structure will be set on fire intentionally for fire training

State laws on friable materials

Alabama considers all materials containing more than 1% asbestos and can be crushed by hand pressure is a Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM).  This includes spray insulation/waterproofing, pipe insulation and soundproofing.  There are additional regulations on non-friable materials, which are separated into two categories depending on if they will crumble during demolition.  The second category, materials that will be crushed during demolition, must be removed from the structure, according to Alabama state law.

Friable asbestos will be soaked during removal and disposal and no amounts of friable asbestos may be disposed as construction waste.  RACM removal will only be conducted by organizations recognized by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Alabama homeowner asbestos laws

Homeowners in Alabama are not subject to the same strict laws on asbestos abatement as long as their property is four residential units or less.  They must however, obey all Alabama asbestos laws for the disposal of ACMs.

Seeking Alabama asbestos damages

Alabama personal injury law imposes a strict statute of limitations on lawsuits, even ones based on early asbestos exposure that led to an asbestos related disease years after exposure.  Still, some Alabama residents have had success pursuing lawsuits by filing those lawsuits in Texas.

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