Montana Driving Test Questions

What does a green light mean?
Green lights mean drivers do not have to slow down or stop when approaching an intersection. However, the right of way must be yielded to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

What does a yellow light mean?
Yellow traffic lights means motorists must slow down and stop their vehicle before the light turns red. If the vehicle cannot be safely passed, motorists should drive through the intersection cautiously rather than speeding up.

What does a red light mean?
A red light means motorists must stop their vehicles. Vehicles cannot be stopped in an intersection.

Can a right turn be made on a red light?
Drivers may legally turn right during a red light as long there is no oncoming traffic or any pedestrians in the way. 

What does a red sign mean?
A red sign indicates motorists must stop or are prohibited from taking certain actions, such as making a u-turn.

Where must drivers stop?
Wherever a stop sign is posted, drivers must stop before a cross walk, intersection or a stop line.

What does a triangle-shaped sign indicate?
Triangle-shaped signs indicate motorists must slow down and yield the right of way to any traffic which wishes to pass ahead of you.

Do back seat passengers have to wear a seat belt?
Yes. All drivers and passengers in Montana cars are required to wear a safety belt.

How much distance is required to legally pass another vehicle?
There must be at least 100 feet between a driver and any oncoming traffic if another vehicle is being passed.

How far in advance should a turn be signaled?
Drivers in urban areas should signal a turn at least 100 feet in advance. Drivers in rural areas should signal their intent to turn at least 300 feet in advance.

When can a u-turn be legally made?
Drivers must be able to see at least 500 feet in all directions and be able to themselves be seen for that same distance before attempting a u-turn.

Who has the right of way at an intersection?
Whichever driver arrives first at an intersection has the right of way. If two motorists arrive at an intersection at the same time, the driver on the left must yield to the vehicle on the right.

How far away must a vehicle stop from a school bus?
Motorists must stop at least 20 feet away from any school bus if it is stopped and children are entering or exiting.

How close to a fire hydrant can a vehicle be legally parked?
Motorists may park their vehicles within any distance of a fire hydrant as long as they are not obstructing access to it.

How much space should be maintained between parallel parked vehicles?
There should be at least two feet of space between parallel parked vehicles.

How close to a fire station may a vehicle be parked?
Drivers may park no closer than 30 feet to a fire station.

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