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256. What to Know About Custom License Plates
What to Know About Custom License Plates In the United States, a license plate is issued by an agency of the state government. The appearances of license plates are often chosen to contain colors, slogans, or symbols associated with the jurisdiction issuing the plate. While you can be issued standard license plates, you may also be interested in receiving custom license plates with a special design or a personalized s..
257. What to Know About Pedestrians
What to Know About Pedestrians In the United States, pedestrians often cross roads and in doing so, they may come into the way of motor vehicles traveling on the road. While In many places pedestrians are left to cross safely by themselves after observing the road and crossing only when they know traffic will threaten them, many busier cities often provide pedestrian crossings, where pedestrians are expected..
258. What to Know About Texting While Driving
What to Know About Texting While Driving What is Texting While Driving?Texting while driving is the action of writing text messages, sending text messages, reading text messages, reading email, or making similar use of the web and connection features on a mobile phone while controlling operating a motor vehicle. The act of texting while driving has been looked at by many authorities as a dangerous one. Texting while d..
259. What to Know About Vehicular Homicide
What to Know About Vehicular Homicide Vehicular homicide, which is also known as vehicular manslaughter, in considered a moving violation and a serious crime in most states. In general, vehicular homicide involves a person’s death that is the result of the a driver’s negligent operation of a motor vehicle, or more so the result from operating a vehicle while committing some unlawful act that may not necessarily..
260. What You Must Know about a VIN Search
What You Must Know about a VIN Search The vehicle identification number, or VIN, is a series of 17 numbers and letters that have been issued to individual cars since the 1981 model year. A VIN is accepted as the standard in North America for identifying motor vehicles. It provides vital information about the vehicle’s manufacturer, model year, model, make, class, and equipment of a vehicle. A VIN can uniquely ide..
261. When to Stop While Driving
When to Stop While Driving There are many different reasons to temporarily stop while driving. Failure to stop can result in traffic citations, driving points, accidents, or even serious personal injury or damage to property. All states have different traffic laws that require obedience specifically to traffic control devices and signals, meaning that drivers have to observe and obey them when operating ..
262. Window Tint Laws
What are Window Tint Laws?Tinting a car may have a variety of uses, but also brings about a number of safety concerns.  An individual may tint a car to protect form UV rays, cool the vehicle and hide possessions that would be otherwise visible to passing thieves through a conventional window.  Tinting is potentially dangerous at night as it reduces the amount of visib..
263. Wisconsin License Plates
Wisconsin License Plates The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles requires drivers to register and title their vehicles. Afterwards, Wisconsin drivers are given the option to personalize their vehicle through special license plates. Wisconsin offers personalized, specialty, tribal, and disabled license plates.Specialized Wisconsin License PlatesWisconsin provides many diffe..
264. Wisconsin Parking Laws
Understanding the Wisconsin Parking LawsTruthfully, certain WI parking laws will differ from city to city, and even from county to county. But you can get a pretty good idea on what to expect just in case you’re facing any one of these issues:Common Violations of WI Parking Laws1. Parking in an Intersection2. Parking on a Crosswalk3. Parking in a Safety Zone4. Parking on a Si..
265. Wisconsin Permit Practice Test
Wisconsin Permit Practice Test To receive a learner’s permit in Wisconsin, you will need to go to the DMV, which is an agency of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  When applying for the permit, you must show your birth certificate, social security card and two proofs of Wisconsin residency.  You may also have to show proof of legal US residence.  You will find additional informatio..
266. Wisconsin Vehicle Registration
Wisconsin Vehicle Registration When you buy or receive a motor vehicle as a gift, you must apply for a title and Wisconsin vehicle registration immediately. The seller of the vehicle must satisfy the assignment of title, including providing an odometer disclosure (unless exempt) as well as signature and also the original document showing a lien release for any liens listed on the vehicle title. Wisconsi..
267. Wyoming License Plates
Wyoming License Plates The Wyoming Department of Transportation requires all drivers to register and title their motor vehicles. Wyoming drivers are also given the chance to personalize their license plates. Wyoming is rather famous for its "bucking bronco" emblem, which it has been using since 1936.Personalized Wyoming License PlatesIn Wyoming, personalized Wyoming license plates are called prestige..
268. Wyoming Permit Practice Test
Wyoming Permit Practice Test To receive a Wyoming license, you must present a certified birth certificate or any other official government identification when applying for the first time.  In addition, you must verify your social security number and present two documents that detail your residency in Wyoming.  You will be applying for this license through the Wyoming Department of Transportation...
269. Wyoming Vehicle Registration
Wyoming Vehicle Registration The state of Wyoming requires motor vehicle owners to complete the Wyoming vehicle registration process for their motor vehicles. All motor vehicles must be titled and registered properly with the Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles before being allowed to be driven on Wyoming highways and roads. The state requires passenger cars, farm vehicles, motorcycles, municipal vehicles..