Speeding Ticket Missouri

Moving violations are a matter that can have one’s license suspended so every speeding ticket Missouri should be taken seriously.  Missouri uses a points-based system for the severity of traffic offenses, including speeding tickets Missouri.  Understanding this system and the corresponding points from a speeding ticket Missouri is critical to avoiding penalties and being stripped of your license.Fines for speeding ticket MO

The fines handed out for a speeding ticket Missouri vary depending on how far over the posted speed limit the driver was as well as if the speeding occurred in a construction zone, which is an unsafe condition and a danger to the workers.  At each level of speeding ticket Missouri there are three different fines, the last two are both in work zones but the highest penalty for a work zone with workers present.

Over the speed limit (mph) Fine for speeding ticket MO (workers in the zone)

- 1 – 5 $73 ($323)
- 6 – 10 $83 ($333)
- 11- 15 $108 ($357)
- 16 – 19 $133 ($383)
- 20 – 25 $208 ($458)

Any speeding tickets Missouri over 25 mph will cause you to have a court appearance for sentencing.

What are the point penalties for speeding tickets Missouri?

Though 12 points from speeding tickets Missouri are all that is needed to suspend a license, you will receive a warning at 4 points and a suspension if 8 points are accumulated in 18 months.  The length of the suspension from the speeding ticket MO is determined by the number of offenses.  Points are gradually removed by a third, then half, then full, for every year of safe driving without further speeding tickets Missouri.

How else can I reduce the points given by a speeding ticket Missouri?

Points from speeding tickets Missouri will endanger your hold on your license as well as raise your insurance rates.  You can work with online providers and the DMV to take driver education classes that will teach about road hazards and other issues.  This will gradually remove some points on your record.

Being issued a speeding ticket MO

There is no point in being belligerent or arguing with law enforcement and this in fact will make your situation worse when being issued a speeding ticket MO.  You will accept the speeding ticket MO and make your appearance in traffic court, as necessary.  Hiring a speeding ticket Missouri attorney is necessary to contest a speeding ticket, even if it is your first offense.  You will need to make the best and most organized case possible to contest the speeding tickets Missouri.  There are a number of reasons to contest a speeding ticket MO, particularly if you are concerned that it will endanger your ability to keep your license.  The attorney for the speeding ticket Missouri will help you to plead for alternative punishment too, such as the online classes instead of costly points on the license.

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