An Overview of Court Judges

Judge Background

In the United States justice system, a judge is an individual who presides over cases within his/her specified jurisdiction. Court judges can be employed in local, state, or federal courts, where they oversee court proceedings. The process of becoming a judge will vary, depending upon the jurisdiction in which an individual wishes to operate. 

Judicial Title

A judicial title is a title that is given to a judge. There are many different judicial titles that a judge may be called by. One of the most common of these titles is "your honor". A judge's name may be preceded by the word honorable. The judicial title given to a judge will often depend upon his/her location and jurisdiction. 

Federal Judge

A federal judge is a judge who is selected to serve in the federal judicial system. In the United States, there are courts that operate on local levels, state level, and the federal level. Federal courts oversee cases involving federal offenses. Federal judges are appointed by the United States' President to preside over cases in federal courts. 


A judges gavel is a widely recognized tool used by judges during court proceedings. When a judge holds a gavel, it function as a symbol of his/her authority. A judge will utilize a gavel throughout the duration of a trial, in order to demand that order be restored and maintained in the court. 


In the United States judicial system, the bench is a location, situated in a courtroom, from which a judge presides. When a judge takes his/her place at the judicial bench, trial proceedings may begin. Throughout the duration of the trial, legal representatives may be asked to approach the bench, as the judge will not leave the bench to engage in a conversation with these individuals.  


When a judge is employed in a local, state, or federal court, he/she will be provided with a private chamber, which he/she may use to discuss sensitive information regarding a trial with parties involved in that trial. In addition, judges' chambers help to ensure that judges remain safe, by providing a safe method through which they can enter and exit the courtroom.

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