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166. Willson v. Black-Bird Creek Marsh Co.
Willson v. Black-Bird Creek Marsh Co.   Willson v. Black-Bird Creek Marsh Co.   The fourth Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshall, made many of the most momentous decisions in American constitutional law.  While he is often remembered for cases like Marbury v. Madison (establishing the Supreme Court as capable of judicially reviewing law) and McCulloch v. Maryland (which establishe..
167. Wisconsin v. Illinois
Wisconsin v. Illinois   Wisconsin v. Illinois: The Background Wisconsin v. Illinois is a famous case heard before the United States Supreme Court on April 23rd of 1928. Also referred to as the Chicago Sanitary District Case, Wisconsin v. Illinois, held that the equitable power of the United States may be utilized to place positive action on one state in situations where non-action wo..
168. Witmer v. United States
Witmer v. United States   Witmer v. United States   The United States has allowed people to conscientiously object to a war based on their religious status since World War I, nearly a century ago.  However, the conscientious objector status was not always easy to attain.  In Witmer v. United States, the Supreme Court examined a particular man's eligibility for co..
169. Worcester v. Georgia
Worcester v. Georgia The Background of Worcester v. Georgia (1832)Legislative statutes in the State of Georgia – subsequent to an agreement between the Tribal Council of the Cherokee Nations and the State of Government of Georgia – instituted a prohibition of non-Native Americans from residing in Native American Territories; a stipulation within this statute allowed only non-Native Americans wi..

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