What are Computer Hacking Crimes?

With the number of reported computer crimes increasing (usually involving hacking) yearly, social concerns continue to grow. Even though some forms of hacking are not as serious, other forms are considered to be Federal offenses and morally devastating. For example, if a criminal begins hacking into a private account in order to obtain the victim's password to access the victim's e-mail account, bank/loan information, other private information, etc., the crime can be devastating to the victim. There are also growing concerns related to the Government and their fear of receiving cyber threats or the possibility of cyberterrorism.

Hacking Software

Hacking software can be easily obtained by downloading it online or purchasing it in a store. The hacking software is supposedly meant to be used as more of a business or ethical form of hacking. Hacking software may enable the user to break down networks into its existing grids, helping to identify vulnerabilities within the network's mainframe. It can also be used to crack passwords and to sniff out Internet networks. In some programs it can be used to tap into wireless networks accounts.

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