Abilify Bipolar Disorder

How does Abilify for bipolar disorder help patients?

Abilify is a versatile antidepressant and Abilify bipolar treatments are one of the most typical uses.  Abilify for bipolar disorder can also be used to schizophrenic, major depressive disorder, as autism in children and other agitation.  Clearly, this is in different concentrations and does, which Abilify for bipolar disorder falling in the high range.  

What is the typical Abilify for bipolar disorder dosing?

Note that this information regarding Abilify for bipolar disorder is informational only.  There is no way to know if this dosing applies directly to you situation without first assessing the condition of the patient and having the doctor evaluate if Abilify for bipolar disorder will be right for that particular patient.  A number of factors, such as other medication and the interaction of Abilify for bipolar disorder and existing conditions will determine if Abilify for bipolar disorder can be used and at what concentrations.

What happens in an overdose of Abilify for bipolar disorder?

Though the dosing for Abilify for bipolar disorder will start off low for that sake of safety and monitoring how the drug will affect the patient, issues can occur.  Is the signs of an overdose occur, including heart irregularity, weakness or confusion set in, then medical help is needed.  The medication will be flushed out and IV fluid might be injected until the toxic concentrations can be removed and dealt with.

What is the dosage in Abilify for bipolar disorder?

The Abilify bipolar dosing ranging from pediatrics to adults and then there are three levels of dosing including the initial dose, recommended dose and maximum dose.  The guidelines for dosing are still subject to the approval and modification of the medical professional, which will set the dosing based on extensive testing, ensuring that the Abilify bipolar regimen is safe.

Pediatrics patients will range from 2mg per day to the maximum 30mg/day dose.  The 30 mg/day dose is an n extreme situation and rarely dosed.  Lithium and valproate are often used as supplement in this Abilify bipolar regimen.  The average recommended dose is 5 – 10 mg/day.

Adults that use Abilify bipolar alone will also max at 30mg/day, but their minimum is elevated to 15mg/day to be effective.  Like the pediatric dosing, the Abilify bipolar for adults can also be supplements with lithium and valproate and this drops the recommended dosage of Abilify bipolar by about 5/mg per day.

How do I know what doses I am taking?

In addition to the directions of the medical professional, Abilify bipolar pills are specifically shaped and colored to distinguish them.  There are a few forms of Abilify bipolar, including injections and liquid forms, but the doses for Abilify bipolar are either in the 15mg dissolvable form or in tablet form.  The smaller doses of Abilify bipolar will be rectangular pills with different colors indicating 2, 5 and 10mg.  The higher forms of 15, 20 and 30 are circular and colored separately. 

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