Abilify Dosage

The proper Abilify dose instructions are available from the manufacturer themselves, though you must always follow the dosing instructions given by the physician over all other directions that might be provided to you.  Abilify dosage dosing depends on the age of the patient, nature of the disorder for which Abilify dose is needed and other factors, including health and condition of the patient.

What are the conventional Abilify dosages guidelines?

As mentioned before, there are guidelines that depend on the nature of the disorder that Abilify has to treat.  The Abilify dosage guides, as provided directly by the manufacturer, indicate that dosing Abilify should never exceed 30mg/day.  There are three classes of the dose, ranging from the initial and recommended dose for that disorder to the maximum Abilify dose that is safely administers.  The strongest doses of Abilify will be for adults undergoing Abilify dosage for bipolar disorder.  Children receive a small Abilify dose, topping out at 10 mg/day.

Abilify dosage can be as low as 2 mg/day for pediatric patients.  This is when the Abilify dose is meant to deal with some of the behavioral aspects of autism.  Even children can be dosed up to 15mg/day, so speak with the physician about the proper Abilify dosage before beginning medication with Abilify.

Where can I find in depth Abilify dosages instructions?

There is extensive information about Abilify dosages on the Abilify website.  The physician is already familiar with all of these instructions, warnings and Abilify doses.  You should direct your questions to the physician about dose and other matters related to the medication.  The physician is also responsible for reporting adverse reactions to Abilify to the manufacturer, Bristol-Meyers Squibb or the FDA.

What are the Abilify dosages forms?

Abilify comes in a few forms.  There are tablets of various strengths (2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30mg) that are swallowed as well as 15 and 30 mg tablets that can disintegrate orally.  There is an oral solution option and even an injection in a single dose vial.  The Abilify dosage will depend on the doctor’s determination and there is usually a small initial dose to test your reaction to the drug before continuing further dosing for the various ailments dealt with by Abilify.

When should I stop Abilify dosages?

You should not stop Abilify dosages without the consent of the doctor.  Contact the doctor if you become ill while taking the drug, have suicidal thoughts or experience severe side effects.  If an Abilify dosage is missed, do not try to make that dose up and take the Abilify dose at its regularly scheduled time.  You may try to take the dose when you remember it, but you also have to consider the spacing with the other dose to be taken the next day.  An Abilify dose is taken once a day and Abilify dosages should not be overcompensated and this will lead to complications.

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