Abilify for Depression

  Abilify for depression is a common use for this medication and is one of the less severe disorders that Abilify is prescribed for.  This does not mean that it is any less potent or effective.  Those that choose to take Abilify for depression generally have this as an elective treatment that supplements other measures to improve the thought process and other factors influencing the patient and driving depression.  Can has to be used when taking Abilify for depression as there are side effects and the worst possible outcome can have the Abilify for bipolar depression increasing suicidal and other thoughts, much to the detriment of the patient and creating a dangerous situation.  Abilify for depression was approved for use in the US since 2002, though it needed review of its labels to add some warnings in 2004.     What is the recommended Abilify dosage for depression?     Though you can find the recommended Abilify dosage for depression, this is not information you should rely on, even when the manufacturer notes this on their website.  This is a guidance document only.  For the Abilify dosage for depression, about 5 – 10 mg/day is assigned.  This Abilify dosage for depression is not assigned right away however.  This initial Abilify dosage for depression is on 2 0 5 mg/day.  At the discretion of the medical professional, the Abilify dosage for depression can be as high as 15 mg/day and this is for major depressive disorder.  The Abilify dosage for depression is different from the dosage for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism, with autism having the lowest dose for its severity as well as the fact that this use is usually for children.     Why can I use the guidelines for Abilify dosage for depression?     You cannot use the Abilify dosage for depression because it is not always applicable to everyone.  You might be on medication that might limit the amount of Abilify you can take.  The initial dose exists so that the doctor can note how you react to the dosage of ability.  With this in mind, adjustments are made.  Many will not know the proper Abilify dosage for depression but the doctor will assign the Abilify in easy to remember pills, generally in different shapes and colors to distinguish concentrations of Abilify.      How can I identify which Abilify for depression tablet I am taking?     Though they are oral liquid and injection forms, there are also two types of tablets, orally dissolving and typical tablets that are swallowed.  The oral dissolving tablets are only in two concentrations, 10 and 15mg.  This means that they are not given to those using Abilify for depression as this is a medium dose.  Those using Abilify for depression will get a sallow tablet and these increments are 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40.  The first thee are rectangular and green, blue and pink, in that order.  Higher concentrations are round but not commonly prescribed as Abilify for bipolar depression.    

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