Actonel Instructions

Guide to Actonel Instructions

The prescription medication Actonel is prescribed to women and men who wish to increase their bone mass and density. As with any such drug, its use should follow the guidelines issued by its parent company to avoid potentially dangerous side effects. 

There are five different tablet forms of the drug that may be prescribed. For women either treating or seeking to prevent osteoporosis, dosage may take the form of a daily 5 milligram tablet, a weekly 35 milligram tablet, a 75 milligram tablet taken once a month for two consecutive days, or a high dose 150 milligram tablet taken monthly. Men with osteoporosis caused by steroid use should be issued the 5 milligram tablet. 

A 35 milligram tablet is issued only to those who are battling Paget's disease. This tablet is taken daily for a two month round of treatment. Should this treatment not be effective, a second round of treatment may follow. Clinical studies have not been conclusive in determining what kind of treatment is indicated if this round of medication is not effective.

When : Actonel Instructions

The procedure for ingesting these tablets is the same regardless of their dosage strength. Actonel should be taken in the morning, 30 minutes before the patient consumes any food or liquids. The only liquid which should be consumed with Actonel is non-carbonated water. Once the tablet has been ingested, the patient should remain sitting or standing upright for 30 minutes. This is to facilitate the quick delivery of the drug to the stomach, which will be compromised by lying down.

Warning : Actonel Instructions

Doctors should ask a patient to describe any medical conditions they are aware of before prescribing Actonel. If you are experiencing bone trouble such as hypocalcemia, these problems should be treated before you can begin taking the medication. Once you have begun taking Actonel, it is important to make sure that you maintain adequate consumption levels of calcium and Vitamin D. If you are not receiving sufficient quantities of these through your diet, a physician may require you to take supplements to maintain proper bone structure.

Side Effect Symptoms: Actonel Instructions

Be sure to carefully observe any signs that your body is responding badly to treatment. You should be especially alert to any gastric distress, which may lead to ulcers or other complications. Pain in and around your mouth should also be reported, since it may be an indication that osteonecrosis of your jaw is taking place. A physician may request that you keep a diary recording any side effects you notice while taking the drug. Any pain should be immediately reported to a physician.

While you should follow all Actonel instructions, these will not always guarantee that your body will not respond adversely to this form of treatment. FDA reports on all potential side effects are not conclusive. If you experience adverse effects, you may wish to seek out legal assistance in filing a lawsuit seeking compensation related to medical expenses, pain, suffering and lost wages. Such legal action should not be undertaken until you have taken appropriate steps to safeguard your health. 

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