Avandia Recall

A brief guide to Avandia recalls

Issued to help those with Type II diabetes as well as patients at risk of developing this condition, the prescription medication Avandia is widely controversial. While the only Avandia recall so far occurred in New Zealand, users of the drug should be aware of the associated risks. Whether or not treatment is interrupted by Avandia recalls, it is still important to consider the many reasons usage may be discontinued.

Before prescribing Avandia, physicians must provide information regarding the Avandia recall and all associated legislation. Two of the primary concerns motivating discussion of an Avandia recall regard its link with heart attacks and strokes. The manufacturing information currently warns that there is a greater risk of both these incidents occurring during the course of treatment.

At the present time, there is no indication that Avandia recalls will pull the drug from the market. However, you should be aware of the many other issues beyond an Avandia recall that may lead a physician to direct you to discontinue usage. Allergic reactions such as tongue swelling will not lead to Avandia recalls, since such occurrences are warned against by the prescription information. However, you should still report these to a physician.
Women who are prescribed this course of medication should be aware that it contains a higher risk of creating bone fractures and breaks. Should these occur, they are not necessarily grounds for an Avandia recall. Such responses in patients have been noted in various studies. However, the final decision about whether to order an Avandia recall is not one the FDA is likely to make quickly.

The possibility of Avandia recalls will not guide physicians in making a decision about whether or not to prescribe the medication. However, all adverse reactions which are not listed among the manufacturer-provided information may be reported to the FDA. Any future Avandia recall will take said information into consideration.  

If Avandia recalls are issued in the future, you will have grounds for a lawsuit. You must maintain copies of all receipts of the purchase of Avandia to prove that you took the medication.

Always consult with your doctor before undertaking any kind of litigation. Even in straightforward cases where you were hurt by medication listed in Avandia recalls, establishing a clear link between the medication and your damage is legally complicated. Should such an Avandia recall occur in the future, you will probably be able to join multiple plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit. This means that rather than being directly involved in litigation from start to finish, you will not have to commit a great deal of time and energy to the legal process.


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