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46. Kentucky Workers Compensation
Guide to Kentucky Workers Compensation LawsIf you have been injured on the job in the state of Kentucky, you may be entitled to benefits from workers compensation insurance in Kentucky.  Kentucky workers compensation laws provide temporary and permanent disability benefits, as well as compensation for medical bills, for most workers who have suffered an on the job injury o..
47. Landrum-Griffin Act Text
The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, As Amended[Revised text1 shows new or amended language in boldface type.]Public Law 86-257, September 14, 1959, 73 Stat. 519-546, as amended by:Public Law 89-216, September 29, 1965, 79 Stat. 888Public Law 98-473, October 12, 1984, 98 Stat. 2031, 2133, 2134Public Law 99-217, December 26, 1985, 99 Stat. 1728Public L..
48. Lawyer’s Salary
Lawyer’s Salary Looking at a Lawyer’s SalaryLawyers work as advocates and advisers, helping a party in either a civil or criminal trial by arguing in court and presenting evidence that supports their client. Depending on the field the lawyer specializes in, they can work in different positions, such as working as an in-house attorney for an interest group or advising an insurance company. A ..
49. Louisiana Employee Rights
A brief guide to Louisiana employee rightsThe legal system has created many different laws in order to safeguard employees from being exploited in their workplace. Being aware of every Louisiana employee right you have is the most important step you can take to guard against being taken advantage of by a dishonest employer.One important provision of the law concerns minimum wag..
50. Louisiana Labor Laws Breaks
A brief guide to Louisiana labor laws on breaksAs an employee, you are entitled to certain protections in the workplace. While there are no federal or Louisiana labor laws on breaks that require employers to provide them, certain regulations do apply in case they do offer them. The most important rules define what actually qualifies as a break. If you are granted a period ..
51. Louisiana Overtime Laws
A brief guide to Louisiana overtime lawsThe law has many protections to guard against the exploitation of workers. To ensure that you are not taken advantage of by any employer, you should be familiar with Louisiana overtime law and all other regulations relating to the workplace.The state follows federal guidelines on minimum wage, meaning nearly all employees must be paid $7...
52. Louisiana Workers Compensation
Louisiana Workers Compensation   A brief guide to Louisiana workers compensation laws All employers are required to maintain some form of insurance. A business or employer which does not retain some form of workers compensation insurance in Louisiana is in violation of the law. If you are injured on the job, Louisiana workers compensation laws detail the steps by which you may receive co..
53. Maryland Employee Rights
Understanding Your Maryland Employee RightsKnow that you do have various employee rights, like minimum wage, overtime, employee safety rights, and wrongful termination. And it’s important to know your Maryland employee rights.Basic Various Employee Rights to Know About, Like Wrongful Termination and Employee Safety RightsPart of the lawful hiring process won’t allow discrim..
54. Maryland Labor Laws Breaks
Understanding the Maryland Labor Laws on Breaks Specifically with Maryland labor laws on breaks, there’s an act that provides a bit more: the Flexible Leave Act.This Act under MD labor laws on breaks actually prohibits any employer in Maryland from any of these actions:1. Discharge2. Demotion3. Suspension4. Discipline5. DiscriminationThis was an Act under Maryland labor ..
55. Maryland Overtime Laws
Understanding the Maryland Overtime LawsIt’s important to have a good understanding of those MD overtime laws, because you just might have to deal with overtime pay, especially if the employer hasn’t paid any.The Lowdown on Maryland Overtime Laws: the Hourly RateThe basis behind MD overtime laws is that every hour worked past 40 hours in a workweek is entitled to overtime p..
56. Maryland Workers Compensation
Maryland Workers Compensation   Understanding the Maryland Workers Compensation Laws If it’s an accident that put that worker out for a few weeks, there has to be some form of compensation available…. There Is: It’s Called Workers Compensation Insurance in Maryland Any business can acquire it. Better yet, any business should acquire it. It’s act..
57. Massachusetts Employee Rights
Massachusetts Employee Rights: Wage LawsThis section will talk about the state’s current minimum wage, hour laws, prevailing wage laws, and more:Massachusetts Minimum Wage Rates:The minimum wage in Massachusetts is currently $8.00 per hour. This wage is 75 cents more than the federal minimum wage ($7.25). Massachusetts minimum wage laws have remained unchanged since January 1..
58. Massachusetts Labor Laws Breaks
What are the Massachusetts Labor Laws Breaks?According to Massachusetts labor laws breaks, workers must be allowed a paid rest period—from their employer—of at least 10 minutes for each 4-hour shift worked. The rest period—according to Massachusetts labor laws breaks—must be provided no later than the end of the third hour of the worker’s shift. Are Workers allow..
59. Massachusetts Workers Compensation
Massachusetts Workers Compensation   Workers Compensation Insurance Massachusetts     What is the Office of Claims Administration?     The Office of Claims Administration is the foundation or starting point for the Department of Industrial Accidents. Workers Compensation Insurance Massachusetts are established from filings received from filings received from i..
60. Medical Billing
Medical Billing What is Medical Billing?Medical billing is the practice of submitting medical claims to health insurance companies or the U.S. government in order to receive payment for health, medical, or preventative care services as well as supplies that were given by a doctor or a licensed health care professional. Medical billers can work in physician’s offices, hospitals, insuranc..