How to File Income Tax Documents

In order to files one’s income taxes properly, one must fill out the appropriate forms; this is in addition to the accurate report of all earnings.

Income Tax Documents and Filing

Income tax documents are any official documents – accumulated from both an employer, as well as from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – that illustrate all earnings from employment. In addition, these forms will also illustrate the number of dependents claimed, as well as any exemptions to which the individual filing income taxes is entitled. These forms are:

1099 form: this form illustrates self-employed income

1099(B) form: this form illustrates income from investments

W2 form: this form illustrates earned income from an employer

1040 form: this form is specific to permanent residents with alien status

1040 (NR) form: this form is specific to aliens with non-residential status

The IRS has a toll-free help line that can further assist you in the proper filing of income taxes; you may also request forms directly from the IRS: (800) 829-1040.

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