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What Makes a Good Austin Law Firm?

Grab ahold of the horns of any bull, and you can believe that you’d be in for a crazy ride. Sometimes that’s the way the legal industry works. An enormous amount of complexity ensues when facing a legal challenge. It could be anything:

1. Criminal Charge
2. Malpractice
3. Auto Accident
4. Worker’s Compensation
5. Business
6. Mutual Funds
7. Estate Planning
8. Probate
9. Copyright
10. Divorce
11. Juvenile Delinquency
12. Adoption

Even the concept of marriage – an actual legal institution in the United States – can be facilitated with legal representation.

So when I say that the law “puts you into everything,” I really do mean that.

This then brings out the most important question:

Where Do You Find a Good Lawyer?

This is in regards to the state of Texas, most specifically the city of Austin. It’s a question that I’m sure gets rolled around from person to person. Luckily, the answer’s an easy one, albeit too convenient –

Why, in a good Austin law firm! Silly question….

It’s Not Really a Silly Question

We’re going to go into an in-depth discussion on what makes a good Austin law firm. So grab ahold of those horns again. Because this is the first thing you need to know about Austin law firms….

There are two types:

1. Large Law Firms
2. Small Law Offices

There are pretty big differences between the two of these types of Austin law firms, just so you know. But neither one is superior over the other. And each kind of Austin law firm has its own strengths, many of those strengths that are characteristic of the size of the business.

Starting With the Smaller Law Offices….

This is what you can expect from a good small Austin law firm:

1. Better Rates and Fees
2. More Personable
3. More Hardworking
4. More Specialized
5. Better Experience With Local/State Laws

Those are the advantages. Here’s the lowdown, though, on what those advantages to a small Austin law firm mean.

Exploring the Rates and Fees

Obviously, the smaller Austin law firms – “law offices” – will charge less. But not for the reasons you may think.

It’s understandable to think that bigger means better – but when it comes to law and other areas of business, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Just because certain Austin law firms are relatively ‘small’ doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own in a court of law.

The main reason why most smaller offices charge less is simply for the lack of expenses necessary to run the business. Most smaller Austin law firms operate in one tiny building, or in an office space in a business complex, with only four or five rooms at the most. In addition, one, two, maybe even three lawyers will be working in these Austin law firms with the help of one legal assistant/secretary.

And that’s it! Business expenses can be pretty nominal with that size firm. So naturally the business wouldn’t have to charge an arm and a leg, reasonably.

This, of course, doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on experience or skill. Rather, it’s just based on size.

Whatever the case, it’s great for a client! The more money saved, the better.

And Then There’s the Personal Service

Any business that operates in a small setting will have some sort of emphasis on the customer a lot more than the actual business workings. This is to be expected. It’s the same for all smaller-size Austin law firms out there.

If a lawyer (or two or three) work in a smaller office, you can bet that lawyer will focus just as much on the client as well as the case, if not more.

Many clients like that aspect of the smaller Austin law firms, for sure; because when it comes to certain legal issues, having someone supporting you is just as important as having someone representing you.

The Hardworking Lawyer

There’s a good chance of finding one in a small office. Why? Because it’s a small office! Less clientele, more incentive to retain current clientele, less resources to help lawyers with the work, more incentive to work harder on a case and possibly a better chance of winning.

Nothing beats a really hardworking lawyer, especially one who’s good at what he or she does.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t find any attorneys in the larger firms working just as hard, though – but it’s a fairly good indication.

Better Specialization and Knowledge of State/Local Laws

And because “small-time” lawyers work so hard, they end up gathering plenty of experience in their field specifically in the state and city they work in. They end up knowing the local laws, the circuit court in the county, the judges, other attorneys working in the area.

It’s priceless knowledge that can lead to a case victory.

So Where Does That Leave the Larger Firms in Austin?

Yes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall – but they’re big for a reason. Because they’re extremely successful!

Larger offices have certain strengths, too, and this is what you can look forward to:

1. Better Teamwork
2. Better Resources
3. Better Technology
4. Better Track Record

This First Strength Is a No-Brainer: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Obviously, if you assign two lawyers instead of one on any case, chances of success are greater. This method has been taken seriously by larger firms for a reason; it works.

When it comes to teamwork, larger firms in Austin wear the crown. Typically in any large firm, you may be looking at ten, twenty, maybe even thirty attorneys working on a regular basis. So there are no associates over-working or stressing. Teamwork when dealing with any legal issue is a major game-changer. Plain and simple.

That, of Course, Leads to Better Resources

And by better resources, I mean….

1. Assistance Through Legal Secretaries
2. Assistance Through Paralegals
3. Mail Room Assistance
4. Writers
5. Runners

It’s a legal army of mammoth proportions, really. No lawyer working in a large firm will ever have a headache to manage.

With Company Growth Comes Technology Growth

Those resources are then accented even further by the use of state-of-the-art technology, and you can bet that the big boys in Austin have a hold of that kind of technology. Everything from tablets to smartphones to Bluetooth, communication gets turned up a notch, and a larger firm just works much better, like a well-oiled machine.

And with that well-oiled machine, a case has a much better chance of seeing victory at the end of the road.

Which Leads to the Best in Track Records

With some exceptions, there’s no denying it: larger firms do carry better track records. And it’s something to consider when looking to hire a lawyer.

It simply means that the larger firms will have not only the highest-paid lawyers in the game, but also the lawyers that have won the most cases. You can’t beat that.

The Decision Ultimately Comes Down to You – and the Case

Again, though, every firm – big or small – is different. And every case out there is different.

But since you now know the ins and outs of law firms in Austin, Texas, it should be a lot easier finding the right lawyer for the job.

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