Mens Divorce Law Firm

Guide to Men’s Divorce Law Firms

What is a Men’s Divorce Law Firm?

A men’s divorce law firm provides services specifically to men involved in a divorce.  A lawyer in a men’s divorce law firm is updated on all divorce laws in their particular state, and they will do everything in their power to protect a client’s rights, such as: paternal rights, spousal support rights, child support rights, and much more.  

Where can I find a Men’s Divorce Law Firms?

If you’re searching for a men’s divorce law firm, you’re probably concerned about your rights as a father and spouse and want to see those rights exercised to the fullest extent.  There are many methods you can use to find a men’s divorce law firm, and some of the more popular options fall below:

State Bar Associations

You may decide to search the large directory on the official website of your State Bar.  You are guaranteed to find a men’s divorce law firm through the state bar, but you will likely have to search through a large list of multiple firms around you area.  It may be easier to go through another lawyer association within your state that focuses on divorce.  

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The AAML provides services for all aspects of family law and divorce.  If you visit the official website of the AAML, you can find men’s divorce law firms by clicking on the “Find a Lawyer” tab at the top of the homepage.  You can also find contact information for the AAML, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.  

Personal Referrals

Many men’s divorce law firms rely heavily on personal referrals from past clients.  If you know another father or spouse that was concerned about his rights within a divorce and received the settlement he wanted, you should ask him for a personal referral.  Know that the recommended law firm can’t simply obtain you the same results within your specific settlement.  

If you are looking to contact a men’s divorce law firm quickly while knowing they can provide services for your interests in particular, you should consider the marketing services of this website.  You many notice advertisements throughout this article and similar articles for divorce lawyers for men.  These aren’t simple advertisements; they are specifically calculated to match your interests instead.  The website uses an algorithm to match a lawyer’s unique services to your own individual concerns and needs.  

What Specific Services can a Men’s Divorce Law Firm Provide?

As stated in the beginning of this article, a men’s divorce lawyer will be able to help you with anything from spousal support and property distributions rights to child support.  Each state’s laws are different, but a lawyer will be able to provide the following services throughout any state:

1) Spousal Support (Alimony)

It’s traditionally accepted that the majority of men will end up paying spousal support after a divorce.  However, a men’s divorce attorney can help you understand your rights and actually seek spousal support from the other spouse if you make less money, are in need of economic support, and/or take on custodial parent responsibilities.  Men’s divorce law firms will establish the following and decide if you can receive spousal support as a former husband:

• The stand of living during the marriage
• The duration of the marriage
• The age and health of each party
• All marital and non-marital assets and liabilities 
• The amount of time it would take any party to obtain proper education or job training to become self-supportive
• The contribution to homemaking, child care, education, and to the other spouse’s career 

If you qualify as spousal support as a husband, you may be able to receive the following types of support depending on your state:

• Permanent Periodic
• Rehabilitative
• Bridge-the-Gap
• Lump Sum
• Temporary

2) Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Traditionally, many states gave first custodial rights to the majority of mothers, but the majority of states have taken the initiative give equal rights to both fathers and mothers in a divorce.  A large amount of research indicates that children with involved fathers do better in school and are less likely to become involved in delinquent behavior.  

Many states have taken the initiative to change the language within state code concerning child custody as well.  For example, the state of Florida removed the words custody, visitation, and primary and secondary parent from the state code.  All ‘mother’ and ‘father’ language is slowly changing to “parent,” and modern parenting plans can help two parents obtain equal time with the child.  

3) Child Support

The majority of men’s divorce law firms with help a spouse keep the settlement out of litigation.  Normally, a fairer Child Support Guideline Worksheet can be reached in mediation or similar settlement procedure.  Also, men’s divorce law firms will evaluate each party’s:

• Net monthly income
• Percentage of financial responsibility
• Percentage of child care payments
• Percentage of health insurance payments and costs
• Percentage of overnight stays with child

After the above is evaluated, a men’s divorce law firm will work with their client to obtain the best and fairest child support agreement possible.  

4) Paternity Rights

Men’s divorce law firms can help a client defend their paternity rights or dispute paternity allegations as well.  Even if a man isn’t the biological father of a child, but has adopted the child instead, a divorce lawyer specialized in men’s rights can help the father obtain child support, time-sharing, and visitation arrangements.  

Oppositely, if a woman serves you a Petition to Determine Paternity and you believe that you are not the father, a men’s divorce law firm can help you with DNA testing and other interests as well.  

Apart from the categories listed above, a divorce lawyer with specialization in men’s rights can help with heated property distribution disputes, alternative dispute resolutions, post and pre-nuptial agreements, adopting procedures, relocation issues, and even defend a man against domestic violence claims.  

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