Social Security Law Firm

The Basics for a Social Security Law Firm

They’re among the most specialized law firms in the U.S.. Why? Because there’s a lot that goes into the concept of social security.

For starters, disability is a huge issue regarding social security – and one of the first aspects of a good social security law firm is this:

Knowing the Programs That Handle the Benefits and How

Experienced lawyers working for a social security law firm will know about these two programs:

1. The Social Security Disability Program
2. The Supplemental Security Income Disability Program

It’s these two programs that handle the most important social security benefits any individual in the United States could have. When the job market is stale and a disability or medical condition limits an individual from finding suitable work, these are the benefits that can help on a regular basis.

It’s the application that an individual has to go through that can account for the need to hire a reputable social security law firm.

Not Every Individual Will Receive Benefits

It’s a simple fact. So many qualifications and standards are required to be met that not everyone can make it through to the end with a monthly award of SSI or SSD (Social Security Income or Social Security Disability).

Enter: a qualified social security law firm.

What Does a Good Social Security Law Firm Need to Know?

Basically everything about your work history, everything about your medical condition, everything about your disability.

But the most important thing all social security law firms need to know is this: how to prove that a disability and/or mental condition deserving a need for benefits.

Think About the Burden of Proof Belonging to Social Security Law Firms

When a program denies an individual benefits, there has to be a reason for it, right? These are qualified programs designed specifically to determine the need for benefits on a very strict, very specialized basis. They consider many different factors in making the decision:

1. Physical Ability
2. Seeing, Hearing, Speaking
3. Adaptability
4. Concentration and Attention
5. Responsiveness
6. Manipulative Motions
7. Environmental Toleration
8. Comprehension and Memory
9. 15 Years of Work History
10. Details of the Work Pertaining to Physical and Mental Issues as Listed
11. Proficiency in Work
12. Proficiency of Field of Work in the National Economy
13. Job Requirements
14. Tasks Undertaken Daily
15. Dates of Work
16. How Many Hours Per Week
17. Hourly Wage
18. Tools, Equipment, and Machinery Used
19. Level of Knowledge, Skill, and Ability
20. Supervision Required
21. Self-Direction Required
22. Any Changes in Work Schedule or Work Level
23. Use of Sick Days
24. Sudden Change in Energy Level

It’s a painstaking process, and know that monthly benefits paid to someone not working is basically free money. So, in other words, it just so happens that an individual really needs to prove on paper that he or she deserves those benefits.

That doesn’t always happen.

A Shortlist of Social Security Law Firms

How to find a good one? It takes research….

You’ll find many social security law firms, and for the most part you may even be able to land a few on the shortlist that are out of state. In fact, many clients might need to go out of state for a few choices in social security law firms. Why?

It’s a very specialized niche.

Simply look for those social security law firms that have multiple licenses. A lawyer can be licensed in more than one state; so if a client happens to have a case that needs to be looked at in a particular state, the client must do the research to find any skilled lawyers in any social security law firms elsewhere and find out if the correct licenses are in place.

After gathering a shortlist, the next step is simple: call them all up.

Schedule free consultations and meet with each lawyer handling those specific cases for each firm.

The Importance of the Free Consultation

It’s not what you think, though – no client will make a snap decision right at the meeting with the lawyer. So don’t think that the research in gathering a shortlist is simply to make that decision right away.

All a client will do is contact each firm and schedule those free consultations.

It’s the first meeting, basically. It’s a client’s chance to get to know the firm and the lawyer possibly working the case; and it’s also the lawyer’s chance to learn about the details of the case and determine whether or not he or she can take it on.

Believe me, every client would want to take their time on deciding on the right lawyer. Because no one like disability – no one likes to be out of work with no way to obtain any kind of income due to a medical condition.

So the right lawyer for the job in the perfect law firm will make all the difference.

From there, though, a client has to consider which one to hire, but know this especially: while these lawyers specializing in this particularly complex field may end up costing a pretty penny, know that they work well on a percentage of the benefits awarded monthly; and it just so happens that a client may never see any penny coming out of the pocket and ending up in the wallet of a lawyer even before the case is decided.

Good lawyers believe in their skill to win a case. So, in particular with social security law, no good lawyer will charge anything but a contingency fee and/or hourly rate, which would come out of the social security benefits awarded. Plain and simple.

It’s practically Business Ethics 101.

Now You Know What It Takes to Be a Social Security Law Firm, and What It Takes to Hire One

It’s a big undertaking, but definitely worth the effort.

Sometimes it may be easier to just eek through all of it and not get what you’re entitled to due to some medical condition or disability. But the legal services are out there for a reason. Use it.

So long as you, the prospective client, can find the right attorney for the job, it would all be downhill. Knowing the basics of your everyday social security law firm will help find that right attorney for you.

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