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What is Content Marketing?

Your Content Marketing Strategy

Every attorney needs to embrace a content marketing strategy that allows the firm you increase search engine optimization (SEO) while targeting both clients and other businesses.  B2B content marketing allows you to market your services or basically sell your services to another business or even a website.  For example, if your content marketing strategy is making your website filter in a large amount of readers, another company may use information from your website and refer clients to information on your website through b2b content marketing. 


This article will cover the basics of a content marketing strategy increase the number of clients coming to your website and the amount of b2b content marketing you can receive. 


What is Content Marketing: The Basics

In order to increase your chance for b2b content marketing, a firm’s website needs to embrace a large amount of different content to have readers start sharing the information.  The following techniques are guaranteed to improve your content marketing strategy:


1.       Updated articles

2.       Social media

3.       Blogging

4.       Electronic newsletters

5.       Case studies

6.       Attending events in-person

7.       Videos

8.       “White Paper” documents

9.       Webinars and webcasts

10.   Microsites

11.   Print Magazines

12.   Traditional forms of media

13.   Research reports

14.   Branded content tools

15.   Print newsletters

16.   eBooks

17.   Podcasts

18.   Adjusted content for mobile devices

19.   Electronic magazines

20.   Virtual conferences


Some of the content marketing strategies are expanded and explained below.  These techniques are not the only techniques you can use to increase your b2b content marketing, but they are some of the most effective.


What is Content Marketing: Social Media

Any successful firm will access social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to brand their firm and expand their content to a larger audience.  These resources allow you to target prospective clients other than through a search engine, and your b2b content marketing can also increase through social media because of professional connections you’ll establish.  Providing links to information on your website and posting videos are only some of the more important strategies you should use with social media.


What is Content Marketing: Blogging

Blogging is a great content marketing strategy firms will use to provide updated information and outside information to their readers.  Many successful blogs will contain videos, opinions, recent updates in local law, and more.  Blogging is a great way to increase your b2b content marketing because you can blog to the general public and other professionals in your field of law. 


What is Content Marketing: eNewsletters

eNewsletters and print newsletters are a great way to expand your b2b content marketing because other businesses can forward the information to clients that may be in need of your services.  Print newsletters are also a great way to expand your content marketing strategy because print media can provide information to point consumers to your electronic material.


What is Content Marketing: Case Studies

A growing trend among attorneys is posting case studies within a website or a blog.  Not only does the public require such information, other firms may need the information as well.  Cases studies serve as a way to increase your content marketing strategy because certain cases may be able to showcase your ability within certain kinds of cases and create indirect referrals for clients that need services within similar kinds of cases. 


What is Content Marketing: White Papers

White papers are some of the best ways to increase your content marketing strategy to the public.  For example, many clients find it hard to find government documents and forms required for their case.  If you blog or post information about resources that contain certain documents, your website can serve as a bridge between the clients and the government website with the required forms. 


What is Content Marketing: Videos

Videos along with webinars and virtual conferences are some of the best ways to increase your b2b content marketing.  Webinars can serve as informational tools to other attorneys and professionals, and videos are some of the fastest growing tools accessed by attorneys on the internet. 


You should consider posting most of your videos on social media sites as well.  Consumers are more likely to rely on information from a video instead of reading through an entire article on the same subject.  In an entertainment culture, valuable content along with entertainment is essential for expanding your content marketing strategy.


What is Content Marketing: Microsites

You should consider several microsites on your website in order to increase your b2b content marketing and marketing to the general public.  Microsites are websites with links to related content.  So, for example, you should consider a microsite with articles and content for other attorneys and a mircosite with informational links for your clients.


What is Content Marketing: Adjusted Content for Mobile Devices

More and more legal websites are starting to adopt programs that provide a website that is compatible with mobile devices.  This content marketing strategy can greatly expand your readers because a large percentage of consumers are not using their desktops outside of work.  Most attorneys will need to hire a web designer or programmer to create this kind of content and application to expand your content marketing strategy. 


What is Content Marketing: Traditional Marketing Techniques

Although a large percentage of information is progressing into the digital sphere, attorneys are still encouraged to use traditional media such as printed newsletters, printed magazines, and more to keep their b2b content marketing in certain age groups.  For example, a large percentage of older attorneys and clients may rely largely on print media, and failing to address this corner of b2b content marketing can have negative consequences on the amount of readers accessing your material. 


What is Content Marketing: In-Person Information

Attorneys are still encouraged to promote their websites and other information by talking with other professionals and clients in-person.  Attorneys should still rely on business cards and related material to direct clients to their electronic media. 


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