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A study done by the marketing software provider called Silverpop looked at email open rates between the last quarter in 2011 and the first quarter in 2012, and the results were not good for attorneys and an email marketing blog.  The study found that open rates were only around 20.1 percent, and the figure was down 22.2 percent from the same study performed in 2009. 



So what does this mean for an email marketing blog?  It means that unless strategic measures are taken in email marketing blogs for attorneys, the figures will continue to decline.  The tips within this article can help beginners and experienced attorneys improve their email marketing blog. 


Tips for Experienced Legal Publishers

The following tips can help improve the readability of your emails and the overall functionality of your email marketing blog. 


Tip #1: Give them Expectations Upfront

A large amount of email marketing blogs offer a free gift within the opt-in area and then send a massive amount of unrelated emails.  These emails are useless and can seriously hurt the reputation of your email marketing blog and your firm as well. 


Instead, make sure you state that the main purpose of the emails is to send updates about your legal blog.  This action may reduce the amount of people that actually opt-in, but it will increase the amount of permanent followers. 


Tip #2: Send your Emails around the Same Time Every Day

Too many email marketing blogs within the legal industry send emails sporadically.  You need to establish a time that increases open rates and clickthroughs to your email marketing blog.  Some of the best email marketing blogs send their emails in the early morning of Eastern Standard Time (EST) so the subscribers receive the emails in the morning.  Consider adjusting the time if you live on the west coast so subscribers on the east coast will receive the emails during peak hours. 


Tip #3: Remind the Subscribers why They’re Receiving the Emails

Every successful marketing email will provide a subheading that states why the subscriber is receiving the email.  For example, a good subheading might appear as follows:


This email is being sent to you because you subscribed on [firm’s name] blog at [website].


For legal reasons, you also need to provide a subsection that describes how they log onto your email marketing blog and cancel their subscription. 


Tip #4: Create your “Squeeze Page”

Apart from having opt-ins within places like a sidebar, header, or footer of a post, all successful email marketing blogs have a separate page that is solely used for letting subscribers sign up.  The advantage to using such a page is the fact that you and the other subscribers can provide the link to other potential subscribers. 


Tip #5: Adjust your Emails Lists Based on Certain Characteristics

Any successful email marketing blog created by a law firm will create different lists for certain kinds of subscribers.  For example you should create a list for the following categories and more:


·         weekly subscribers

·         occasional subscribers

·         paying customers

·         potential customers


Tip #6: Adjust your Emails for Mobile Devices

It’s likely that about 80% of the subscribers on email marketing blogs will view emails on their mobile phone.  In order to adjust your emails, you need to keep them simple.  Emails for mobile devices should follow these tips:


·         use only a 1-column format

·         limit the pixel width to 600 pixels

·         avoid images that will take a long time to load


Additionally, does your email marketing blog offer a mobile site as well? Mobile followers are much more likely to click on a link to your page if there is a mobile format. 


Tip #7: Provide Tips within your Email Marketing Blog for Subscribers Only

The best email marketing blogs will state that readers can receive valuable legal tips if they subscribe.  If the email marketing blog knows that a viewer is a subscriber, the publisher can offer general tips, eBooks, coupons, free offers, a free course, and more. 


Tip #8: Get to Know your Subscribers

The most successful email marketing blogs will send an initial email that lets subscribers send in information about themselves.  For example, ask the subscriber about their interests or subjects they need help in.  Also ask them what they expect from the emails. 


Tips for Every Legal Publisher of Email Marketing Blogs

The following tips should be used from the beginning to enhance the image and appeal of the legal email marketing blog:


Tip #1: Don’t Use a Standard Opt-In Form

Design can go a long way with email marketing blogs, even for a blog in law and government.  Potential subscribers like visual appeal, and you’ll want to use language that connects to the reader on a personal level instead of just offering a sales pitch.


Tip #2: Use Personal Language within the Email

The best email marketing blogs use everyday language within an email instead of professional language filled with jargon.


Tip #3: Keep the Emails Short

Every email sent from a legal email marketing blog should be short and to the point.  If you want to add a creative side, add a quote.  Encourage the reader to find out more by clicking on the link to your blog. 


Tip #4: Track your Results

There is a large amount of software that email marketing blogs can use to see if subscribers are opening emails, whether they’re clicking on links within emails, and more. 


Tip #5: Use Software for Auto Responding

If you send an email out using auto response, make sure you use software that tracks what days and to whom the emails were sent.  You don’t want to send an auto response twice. 


Conclusion: Email Marketing Blogs

All of the tips within the article can increase the functionality and appeal of your email marketing blog.  Make sure you track your results so you can adjust your blog to bring in more subscribers. 


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