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Everything About Social Media Marketing Packages     Learning about how to market with social media can be confusing, especially if no one on your staff knows a lot about the internet.  If you're a big law firm, you may be thinking about hiring a full time social media marketing specialist, like 1 in 5 large firms have already done.  But what if you're one of the nearly half a million lawyers who work as solo practitioners or at small firms?  Buying a social media marketing package from a marketing service can be a great alternative to hiring a new staff member.  Read on to find out about the different kinds of social media marketing packages available for lawyers.     Why Would I Want a Social Media Marketing Package?     Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, blogging, Wordpress, apps—the new social media world is full of new terms, new websites, and new ways of doing business.  This isn't the specialty area of most attorneys.  Even if you have a great profile on Facebook and have uploaded all of your vacation pictures, and even if you're good at networking with other attorneys on LinkedIn, you may not be able to really leverage this knowledge for business leads.     You may have begun to think about hiring someone to get your company's social media presence started.  Trying to buy each piece of the social media puzzle separately can lead to problems with branding, deadlines, and campaign coordination.  Instead of searching for each individual service you need, you might want a social media marketing package that can take you from social marketing zero to hero within a few months.     Specialty Legal Marketing Firms vs. General Social Media Marketing Firms     A few years ago, if you wanted a social media marketing package, you would have had very few choices.  Today, so many services are offering social media marketing packages that a number of them have decided to specialize in particular areas.  You now have a choice to make: do you want to use a service that works for all types of businesses, or one that exclusively provides social media marketing packages for attorneys?     The answer might depend on exactly what you're looking for.  While it's true that a social media marketing package from a legal specialty service will undoubtedly understand what you're looking for, specialty services may also have a tendency to do very similar things for every law firm they work for.       The best way to see how responsive a service will be to your needs, and how creative they can be with developing your content, is to ask for samples of previous work.  If a service can't show you a previous social media marketing package for a similar law firm, complete with analytics that show how well their campaigns worked, you shouldn't be working with them.     One Time Social Media Marketing Packages     Some legal professionals already understand the basics of social media marketing, including how to produce great content.  For these professionals, a social media marketing package that focuses on setting up your accounts and giving you tools to make them more useable may be the best option.  Some of the most social media marketing packages are only designed to get you started, not to move you forward, but that's fine as long as you can keep the momentum going on your own.     If you purchase a one-time social media marketing package, you'll want to make sure that training in how to use your social media is part of the package, or that you seek out seminars to help you hone your skills before diving in.  If you don't update your social media sites after buying a social media marketing package, they'll look like the internet equivalent of a ghost town and can actually drive leads away.     Ongoing Social Media Marketing Packages     If you're not sure how social media works, or if you understand but simply don't want the hassle, you may want to purchase a social media marketing package that goes beyond a one-time setup fee.  Many social media marketing packages offer a wide array of ongoing services that you can pay for upfront or over time.     Currently, less than 10 percent of small firm lawyers maintain a blog—but of the ones who do, nearly half say that they have gotten clients because of their blog posts.  If you want to bring in those clients, many services make blog entries a part of their social media marketing packages.  A social media marketing package might also include a certain number of tweets or Facebook updates that can help attract new clients.     Video Plus Social Media Marketing Packages     One of the best ways to improve the rate at which potential clients call your firm is to include video as part of your marketing strategy.  While you may already have video on your website, a social media marketing package can help you get those videos out into the public sphere, where they can generate conversations and more links back to your firm.     Social media marketing packages are a great way to incorporate video, because the videos they make will be specifically designed to catch attention on social media websites.  Your social media marketing package can ensure that all videos you're showing are professionally produced and clearly express your brand message—something that most television commercials for small law firms can't usually manage.     SEO Plus Social Media Marketing Packages     If you need a complete solution for getting traffic to your firm's website, you should look for a social media marketing package that incorporates search engine optimization for your website.  These social media marketing packages go beyond the social marketing sites themselves and work to make your website more attractive to search engines.     In addition to providing content generation services, these packages may also include analytics, which helps you to understand what visitors are coming to your various web pages, how long they're staying, and how you can do more to convert a passing visitor into a lasting attorney-client relationship.

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