Mesothelioma Case Value

What is Mesothelioma Case Value?

There are several factors that must be evaluating when considering a mesothelioma case for a formal claim. The process of deciphering the value of a potential mesothelioma case is not an easy process, but is vital and may be accomplished without displacing too much stress on the victim and his/her family. Because the valuation of a potential mesothelioma case may be complex, the potential plaintiff should secure the opinion of an experienced mesothelioma lawyer or any professional who can explain the details of a case and what is required to successfully file a claim. 

In general, mesothelioma case values are determined through the evaluation of the following factors:

• The particular type of mesothelioma cancer and the stage it was diagnosed

• The patient’s gender, age and location

• The patient’s military status and work history

In a number of instances the value of mesothelioma claims are unambiguous. A wide percentage of mesothelioma lawsuits are settled through out-of-court negotiations or through alternative resolution disputes that take place before trial. When settled out of court, the settlements are fulfilled by tapping into a special mesothelioma fund that is set aside for the sole purpose of handling the financial burden of mesothelioma cases. To successfully settle cases outside of the court, managers of mesothelioma funds rely on mesothelioma case valuation that places a dollar figure on each mesothelioma case. 

Determining a Mesothelioma’s Case Value:

Most managers of mesothelioma trust funds use case valuation matrixes to place a dollar figure on each case. There are several variables that go into the determination of mesothelioma case value, so legal claims should never be calculated in advance. That being said, qualified mesothelioma lawyers may review your case factors against a specialized matrix to offer an expected range of case value. These estimates will assist you in deciphering whether to pursue a mesothelioma claim. 

The first variable to consider is the proliferation or seriousness of your mesothelioma cancer. The stage of your cancer and your prognosis are two fundamental questions that must be answered to place a value on your case. Any individual responsible for documenting your mesothelioma battle must collect all relevant medical documents and provide said information to your mesothelioma lawyer. Your pain and suffering and your ability or inability to continue or pursuit supplemental work, as well as the cost of your medical treatment is also used to determine the value of your case. 

Another integral portion of mesothelioma case value is work history. To pursue a mesothelioma legal claim, you must determine where your asbestos exposure occurred and whose asbestos products were involved with your work. Mesothelioma cancer often strikes older males who were employed in a blue-collar sector, such as ship-building, the automotive industry or construction. 

Although less common, mesothelioma cancer may affect a fair number of individuals with white-collar backgrounds, such as lawyers, dentists and teachers. Individuals who are unlikely to be exposed to asbestos increase the complexity of the case valuation process. Often times, following a thorough investigation, asbestos exposure can be traced back to a renovation project or secondary exposure from a loved one who worked in the aforementioned blue collar fields. Gender is also a factor in determining mesothelioma case value. Women are frequently diagnosed with asbestos-related cancers from secondary exposure—they inhale the asbestos filaments from the clothing of loved ones. 

Utilizing the Case Valuation Matrix:

The vast majority of mesothelioma trust funds construct mesothelioma claims through the utilization of a case valuation matrix. This matrix is a legal document that provides a dollar figure to all forms of asbestos cancers. Following the valuation, the matrix will recalculate the base amount through subsequent evaluation of additional information. For instance, a case value matrix assigns one baseline dollar amount for a mesothelioma claim, such as one for lung cancer and so on. These dollar amounts will vary by jurisdictions because exposure limits and levels are set by location. The baseline figures will be instituted as low as a thousand dollars to as high as one million dollars. When a baseline figure is established for a mesothelioma claim, multipliers may kick in. Common multipliers utilized by the case valuation matrix include: 

• The mesothelioma patient’s age

• Whether the mesothelioma patient was employed at a high or low exposure job site

• The precise mesothelioma diagnosis

• The patient’s smoking habits, if any

Several case valuation matrixes utilize several adjustments that are already built-in to take into account medical and funeral expenses. 

What to do if you have worked in an Asbestos-Related Field:

If you or a loved one has a history of any of the following you must consult with a mesothelioma lawyer:

• If you have worked with asbestos in the past you must immediately contact a medical professional to undergo various imaging tests. These diagnostic measures will evaluate your lungs and protective tissues to ensure that no irregularities are present. If something is off, your physician may order a biopsy to secure a culture of your protective membranes and tissues. These tests are done to affirm an asbestos-related disease. You should schedule a physical examination even if you do not feel sick or notice any symptoms. 

• If you were recently diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma, you must contact a mesothelioma professional. These diseases are related to asbestos exposure. A diagnosis is always an indicator that you have a history of prolonged asbestos exposure. 

• If you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, you have incurred or will incur substantial health costs. These medical expenses will add up quickly and must be taken into consideration when you are deciding whether to file a mesothelioma claim. You may be eligible for financial compensation to offset the costs associated with convalescence. 

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