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16. Police Officer
Police Officer Becoming a Police OfficerA police officer is an important component of the law enforcement and criminal justice system in the United States. The role of an officer depends mainly on the type and size of organization. An officer’s role is to apprehend people who break the law and then give warnings or citations if necessary. The job also includes writing police reports and kee..
17. The Facts on the Legalization Of Marijuana
The Facts on the Legalization Of Marijuana Marijuana Legalization BackgroundIn the United States, the drug known as marijuana has been considered to be an illegal substance since 1970. However, there have been attempts to legalize the drug due to its medical use and relative mild effects when compared to other substances, even ones currently considered as legal. In the United States, marijuana has not been legalized at ..
18. Warming Up a Cold Case
In law, some cases are never prosecuted because no suspect is ever located. In other cases, there are suspects but there is not enough evidence to prosecute. Cases that remain unsolved are called cold cases. Cold cases are often handled by special divisions in law enforcement. They may for example begin to examine a cold case when new evidence has been presented; there may..
19. When Can Police Search Your Home
People who are served with a search warrant in the U.S. are legally obliged to allow the search warrant holders, if they can otherwise prove themselves to be law enforcement officers, into their homes to carry out a search of their homes’ contents. As such, the legality of a properly issued search warrant in the U.S. comes under the coverage of the 4th Constitutional Amendmen..

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