E-Commerce Overview

E-Commerce Overview People interested in the E-commerce definition generally accepted by those who use the term or are involved in the activities which it describes can understand it to refer to activities of commerce being transacted electronically via networks, including but not limited to the Internet.

Electronic commerce is often identified with commercial activities transacted through the Internet, and the extent of the importance of electronic commerce to the modern era is commonly agreed upon as the result of the Internet’s rapid growth. The widely used E-commerce definition can also be extended toward other kinds of connected computers or other electronic devices, such as one which is linked up privately and closed off from external users such as those on the Internet.

The E-commerce definition might further be understood, in terms of the general category of terms used to refer to markets, as being applied to the medium through which commercial transactions included the electronic commerce term are carried out. In this regard, the question of whether or not the item of the electronic commerce is also electronically-based information is not considered by the E-commerce definition. Indeed, studies have found that the majority of electronic commerce involves physical objects.

The E-commerce definition can also pertain to several different possible types of electronic commerce, such as B2B, or business-to-business, as well as B2C, or business-to-consumer. Electronic commerce of the former kind can take place through open commodity exchanges or private electronic markets.

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