Physical Sexual Harassment Overview

Physical Sexual Harassment Overview Physical harassment, in relation to sexual harassment, is when a victim is touched in an inappropriate way. Most importantly, the victim is touched against his or her will. Sexual harassment claims of this nature can come about for many reasons including: 

  Assaulting an individual for any reason;

  Touching may include massaging a person on any body part without first asking permission;

  Playing with a persons' hair;

  Grabbing a person’s clothes with the intention of ripping them off or revealing body parts;

  Caressing a person’s arm, hand, or any body part in a sexual way;

  Grabbing a person’s behind, breasts, or genitals without permission;

  Hugging a person without permission;

  Trying to kiss someone without asking;

  Making bodily contact with another person in a sexual way.

  Cornering a victim with one’s body;

  Rubbing one’s genitals on a person. 

Physical harassment may even be seen as touching oneself in front of someone. If it is done in a sexual manner and it makes someone feel uncomfortable, then it can be classified as physical harassment.

Rape claims are sexual harassment claims that are more extreme and carry their own strict penalties. 

When a person has fallen victim to physical harassment, they often feel robbed of something. It is almost as if someone has assumed ownership over their body. Victims can often feel shameful and vulnerable in many other situations after harassment has occurred.

Sexual harassment claims should be reported in any case, but reporting is especially important when the harassment turns physical. Physical harassment is serious and often dangerous. It is outlawed in work environments, educational arenas, and anywhere else it can occur. 

There are many steps a person can take when filing sexual harassment claims. Victims must first report the physical harassment to the administrators of the environment in which it occurred. Additionally, they should immediately report it to the authorities in their community. After the reporting is done, a victim can chose to press charges or let the incident go. Victims in most cases press charges when physical harassment takes place. There are attorneys that specialize in harassment of this nature who should be consulted. 

Victims that suffer from this type of harassment may also need counseling to help them recover both physically and mentally from harassment. This is especially true when physical harassment is ongoing for a long period of time. Most states offer hotlines and facilities in which victims can receive help in these situations.

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