Alaska License Plates

Alaska License Plates
The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles requires all motor vehicles to have two license plates, with the current month and year tabs on the back plate. Motorcycles and trailers require only one license plate, and it must have the current month and year tabs.

The Division of Motor Vehicles will issue a set of Alaska license plates for your new vehicle that has a unique set of letters and numbers. Since nearly all new vehicles are bought through a dealership, the dealer will usually handle the paperwork necessary in order to have Alaska license plates issued.

Personalized Alaska License Plates

The state of Alaska provides many different styles of Special Issue License Plates that can be personalized. These specialty plates include but are not limited to:

• Amateur radio plates
• Church exempt plates
• Disability plates
• Commemorative veteran plates
• Firefighter plates
• Military plates
• Iditarod finisher plates
• Veteran plates
• Vanity Plates

Vanity Alaska License Plates

If you are looking to obtain vanity plates in Alaska, you can do this through the Alaska Department of Administration Division of Motor Vehicles. Their online DMV website provides a service to create personalized Alaska license plates that can have different designs and license plates numbers. When personalizing an Alaska license plate, the plate can contain the letters from A through Z, numbers 0 through 9 and spaces. However, it cannot contain the following:

• Ham radio call signals
• Ethnic, vulgar, racial, or indecent implications
• Duplicates of currently active personalized plates
• Special symbols like %, &, -, etc. 

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