Alaska Permit Practice Test

Alaska Permit Practice Test The age to get a learner’s permit in Alaska is at least 14 years of age and will only be issued with parental consent.  This permit can be renewed only once.  Due to the rural and isolated nature of many areas of Alaska, the permit practice test in Alaska may be administered by state troopers and village public safety officers at locations designated by the Alaskan state government.

You will need to provide identification that certifies your legal name and date of birth as well as your social security card and one other piece of identification that will verify the primary document you are submitting in order to take the permit practice test in Alaska.

A vision test, in addition to the written practice permit test in Alaska is required to obtain a learners permit.  The fee upon receiving this permit will be $20.  Those that do not pass the vision test with 20/40 vision will not be issued an Alaskan learners permit.  That test will be given at the DMV or will require a report from an optician.  The Alaska DMV will allow assistance on the permit practice test if you are English impaired.  This assistant will read the question to you, but cannot give you the answer to the question.  There will be separate tests for commercial and motor cycle licenses.

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