California Vehicle Registration

California Vehicle Registration
Do I Need to Complete a CA Vehicle Registration?

California vehicle registration is necessary in order to show proof that you have paid all the necessary fees and taxes involved for owning a vehicle in California. CA vehicle registration includes getting a new registration certificate, validation decal, and license plate. 

CA Vehicle Registration: Non-resident Vehicle
If you wish to bring your vehicle into California, or if you purchase a nonresident vehicle, you must adhere to the California vehicle registration laws and complete the CA vehicle registration. To do so, you must have the following documents:

• CA vehicle Registration requires an Out-of-State Registration Certificate
• You will need form REG 343 Application for Title or Registration, which should be signed by all registered owners for your California vehicle registration
• CA DMV Registration also requires form REG 343 Verification of Vehicle
• You must pay any applicable fees in order to receive your California vehicle registration

Depending on the circumstances, you may also need these documents for your CA vehicle registration:

• Form REG 166 Lien Satisfied Statement
• Out-of-State Title
• Form REG 262 Vehicle/Vessel Transfer & Reassignment Form
• Form REG 4017 Permanent Trailer Identification Application/Certification• Form REG 256 Statement of Facts 
• Form REG 4008 Declaration of Gross Vehicle and Combined Gross Vehicle Weight for commercial motor vehicles
• Smog Certification
• Weight Certificate

CA DMV Registration laws state that the vehicle should be inspected by an authorized Department of Motor Vehicles officer or a law enforcement officer as a part of the CA DMV registration.  If you have to change the vehicle’s ownership, it will also require the following documents:

• The last issued out-of-state title (or a  duplicate)
• Form REG 166 a Notarized Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release
• Form REG 262 or odometer disclosure for vehicles that are less than ten years old
• Form REG 262 Vehicle/Vessel Transfer & Reassignment Form, if the seller is not the registered vehicle owner.

Fees for California Vehicle Registration

Fees for a California vehicle registration should to be paid within twenty (20) days of entry or residency into California in order to prevent paying certain late penalties. Nonresidents can operate their motor vehicles until they do one of the following:

• Rent/lease a residence within the state.
• Claim a homeowner's exemption within the state.
•Accept gainful employment within the state.
• Intend to be located or live within the on a permanent basis.
• Enroll children or dependants in a K-12 school.
• Enroll in a higher learning institution as a resident of the state.The amount of fees for California vehicle registration will vary on an individual basis. A total amount for your CA DMV registration will be determined after submitting your CA registration. 

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