Louisiana Permit Practice Test

Louisiana Permit Practice Test
If you are seeking a Driver’s license for classes A, B and C, you must adhere to the procedures set by the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.  This includes taking the permit practice test for Louisiana as well as fulfilling requirements for vision, identification and driving skills.

One may receive a full driver’s license only after turning 18, though you may obtain a learner’s permit and eventually a graduated license at the age of 15.  To apply at this age the applicant must have parental consent, proof of identity, such as a birth certificate and proof of social security, which will be demonstrated by having a social security card.  Proof of residency will also need to be established before proceeding with the vision test, written test and eventually, the road test. 

A learner’s license will cost a $15 application fee, a $13.50 fee for the license and an $8.00 service fee for a total of 36.50.  This license will be valid for 4 years.

Like other states, the permit practice test for Louisiana will test knowledge of traffic laws as well as road signs and signals so the Louisiana Driver’s Guide for Classes D and E will be a critical resource when preparing for the test.  You can find this guide online and the Department of Public Safety website.

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