New Jersey Permit Practice Test

New Jersey Permit Practice Test
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will administer the permit practice test in New Jersey as well as all other parts of the process necessary to secure a New Jersey driver’s license.  New Jersey has a graduated driver’s program, which allows teenagers to begin driving with restricted privileges, eventually becoming full fledge drivers once they reach a certain age threshold.  Taking the practice permit test for New Jersey is essential for eventually receiving a driver’s license.

The permit practice test for New Jersey is available in a multitude of languages including an English and Spanish oral test for those who cannot complete a written test.  Additionally, you may have an interpreter during the test, provided that interpreter meets certain strict requirements, as set by the NJ MVC.  The test will consist of 50 questions, administered on a computer and you will need to answer 80% correctly in order to pass the test.

In order to help NJ residents pass the practice permit test for New Jersey, there is a sample knowledge test available at the MVC website.  There are 20 questions that should give you a feel for the nature of the test and you can check your answers.  Like other states, there is also the NJ Driver’s manual, which contains essential information about identification, testing and the content of the tests.  Thoroughly studying the manual will help you immensely on the test.

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