Ohio Permit Practice Test

Ohio Permit Practice Test
The Ohio BMV is the division of the Department of Public safety that will administer the practice permit test for Ohio.  The test will be in two parts with one test testing knowledge of road signs and the other testing knowledge of motor vehicle regulations.  The regulations test will consist of at least 20 questions and a score of 75% is required to pass.  The road sign test will also cover English commands and is also made up to 20 questions with the same passing grade.

Before taking the permit practice test for Ohio, you must present proper identification that establishes residency, identity and social security number.  A vision examination will also be necessary to determine if the applicant can operate a motor vehicle safely and the applicant will be deferred, without writing the practice permit test if they do not pass the vision test.

A 10 question practice permit test is available and once all the questions are completed, you will be graded instantly.  This test will give you an idea of the format and topic of the questions that will be on your practice permit test for Ohio.  Studying this and the diver’s manual will be essential to passing the test and moving on to the road test.

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