Beware Abuse Begetting Abuse

Beware Abuse Begetting Abuse Many of the people who are responsible for subjecting a child to child abuse have themselves experienced abuse as a child. Often, an individual has learned first hand that instilling fear in a child is an effective way of maintaining power and control. They may rely on violence or brutality in order to create this fear.

In other cases, and individual who has experienced child abuse may remain severely depressed and so damaged from the abuse that they are indifferent to the well being of their child. In cases such as this, an individual is likely to expose their own children to abuse or neglect. 

Not all individuals who have been abused as children go on to abuse their child. However, in many cases, abuse creates more abuse. Child abuse education and treatment are very important in order to break this cycle of abuse. Breaking the cycle of child abuse requires an individual to confront the abuse that they experienced, and to seek child abuse treatment. If an individual who has been abused never receives child abuse treatment, that individual will continue to carry the consequences of child abuse with them. 

In order to overcome the negative effects of child abuse, a person will need to accept what they have experienced, and talk about the thing to which they were subjected. Child abuse treatment will allow an individual to confront the abuse that they were inflicted with, instead of trying to suppress the memories of their experiences.

Attending a support group or therapy may help an individual who has experienced abuse to acknowledge what has happened to them, and will assist with developing effective methods of coping with the negative consequences of abuse. 

Child abuse treatment will help an individual to overcome depression, anger, and resentment, that may prompt an individual to abuse or neglect their own child. If an individual who has been abused does not enlist the help of child abuse treatment in order to confront their experience, then they may be more likely to repeat the cycle of abuse. Child abuse education and treatment is necessary in order to break the pattern.

Child abuse education will help a parent to develop positive parenting skills. It will help a parent to improve their communication skills, and teach families how to express their emotional and physical needs and desires in a healthy way. Child abuse education and treatment will teach an individual how to recognize and remedy problems that are developing within a relationship. It will give families the tools that they need in order to manage these problems in an effective and healthy manner. 

Child abuse education will also assist a parent in learning how use acceptable forms of discipline. It will teach a parent how to modify behavior so that they do not repeat the abuse that was inflicted upon them. Child abuse treatment and education is essential in order to break the cycle of child abuse, and to teach an individual who has suffered from abuse how to relate to his/her children in a positive and effective way, without inflicting abuse.

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