Canada Many who have chosen to take part in the surrogacy experience choose to utilize the services of international surrogates. While Canada is located in close proximity to the United States, intended parents may not find that it is the best option.

As a country, Canada has tried to keep legislation up to date with regards to surrogacy. Quebec does not allow any woman to carry a child for another person for any reason. In some cases surrogacy is governed by province.

International surrogacy may be the only option because of the strict rules and regulations in the United States. However, surrogacy in Canada may not be a viable option for those couples. Strict laws forbid compensation for surrogates.

Violations can result in thousands of dollars in fines or criminal charges resulting in many years in jail. Until laws regarding surrogacy in Canada are more clear, intended parents and their surrogates need to be extremely careful. They should consult an attorney specializing in surrogacy. 

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