An Overview of an Inmate Going Up For Parole

An Overview of an Inmate Going Up For Parole The term parole, depending on the field of law and the specific judiciary system, will possess different meanings. In most circumstances, parole refers to the procedure where an inmate who has served a defined amount of time in prison continues his sentence outside of the correctional facility. 

In the typical criminal justice system, parole refers to the supervised release of an inmate before the completion of their sentence in prison. The parole is essentially a time of evaluation. If the prisoner engages in good behavior while in jail, he or she will be up for parole. During this time, the parolee's actions while in prison will be reviewed in front of a board of law enforcement agents. 

If accepted, the parolee will be able to leave the prison and serve his or her remaining sentence outside of the correctional facility. While serving outside of jail, the individual on parole must obey the law, refrain from drug and alcohol use, obtain employment, and maintain contact with his or her parole officer. 

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