4 Facts about Drugs that You Need to Know

4 Facts about Drugs that You Need to Know The Definition of Drugs

The term ‘drugs’ is one commonly used to define the wide range of pharmaceuticals that exist; pharmaceuticals are classified as any type of substance that adjusts, alters, or modifies physiological behavior and activity; the chemical makeup of the vast expanse of drugs – both legal and illegal, have been manufactured in order to specifically target certain areas of both the physical body or the neurological system, which is comprised of the human brain and central nervous system. 

While some illegal and controlled substances are organic and natural in their purest state, other drugs are synthetic in nature and produced as a result of chemical processing and creation. Furthermore, while some drugs and controlled substances are legal and regulated by the government, other drugs are considered to be illegal to possess, grow, cultivate, and develop.

Illegal Drugs vs. Controlled Substances

A substance or item whose use, possession, or purchase undertaken in a legal fashion is permissible with regard to applicable jurisdictional statutory legislature; in order for drugs to be considered as such, the individual in possession of the drugs in question will be required to obtain the expressed permission granted from the Federal Government of the United States and the prescription of the drugs in question from a certified medical practitioner:

However, the usage, possession, or purchase of drugs considered to be controlled substances undertaken without either of the requirements listed above will typically result in a variety of criminal charges equivalent to criminal charges associated with illegal drugs

In contrast to the usage and possession of controlled substances, whose legality is contingent upon authorized permission granted by regulatory institutions and professionals, drugs classified as illegal are uniformly prohibited

Criminal Charges Associated with Drugs

Amongst the multitude of classifications inherent to the drug industry within modernity – ranging in legality, accessibility, and punitive recourse concerning the possession of drugs, the following criminal charges may be applicable to individuals undertaking the use of illegal drugs or controlled substances:

The illegal possession of Illegal Drugs may be defined as the unlawful, illicit, and prohibited ownership of Illegal Drugs; however, the nature within which the individual suspect in question gained access to the Illegal Drugs may also be associated with the investigation

The Trafficking of Illegal Drugs is defined as the illegal sale, production, transport, movement, and intended distribution of Illegal Drugs considered to be illegal in nature

The manufacturing of illegal drugs is viewed as a serious offense, which is comparable – and oftentimes equivalent to associated charges applicable to the possession, sales, and trafficking

Reporting Illegal Activity Involving Illegal Drugs

Remember, regardless of the degree of usage or quantity of Illegal Drugs - or any other type of illegal substance –Illegal Drugs use, possession, and sales are a very serious offense, which risk damage, harm, and destruction onto individual wellbeing, as well as the community at large. Please contact the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) their telephone number (202) 307-1000 or your local ‘Crime-Stoppers’ organization if you have any information.

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