Actonel Class Action Lawsuit

How to join an Actonel class action lawsuit:

The prescription medication Actonel has been associated with several severe side effects. Most notably, patients who have suffered from osteonecrosis of the jaw may be able to join an Actonel class action suit. Actonel class action lawsuits for this particular side effect include hundreds of patients who suffer from “jaw bone death” as a result of Actonel use. So, because you are joining those who share similar stories, you do not have to independently file a claim against Actonel.  

Generally, the defendant in an Actonel class action lawsuit is the manufacturer of the drug, Warner Chilcott Laboratories. Sufferers damaged by the drug's side effects may not always be eligible to join an Actonel class action suit; the individual must endure the same symptoms or be diagnosed with the same medical condition as the other plaintiffs in the Actonel class action suit.

Some of the Actonel’s side effects are common to other medications and will probably not help establish an Actonel class action lawsuit. For example, difficulty sleeping or diarrhea will not provide sufficient grounds to form an Actonel class action suit. Significant, long-lasting medical damage must be the foundation of Actonel class action suits. Since osteonecrosis of the jaw begins with oral pain and can end in the removal of your jaw, it qualifies as grounds for an Actonel class action lawsuit.

If you have been hurt Actonel use, you must immediately consult with your physician to either reverse the reaction or document your condition. In the latter situation, you may be able to join an Actonel class action suit without committing significant resources. Even though these kinds of cases consolidate several plaintiff complaints, only one person is required to represent the group. This person serves as the primary liaison to the defense team.

If you learn that an Actonel class action suit is already being undertaken, you must contact the representing law firm. You should then schedule a meeting to discuss adding your name to the list of plaintiffs in an Actonel class action lawsuit. When meeting with the facilitator, you must present all medical records to document the adverse reacts. This information will serve as the foundation for your Actonel class action suit. The more evidence delivered to the lawyer the more effective the professional will be in proving negligence or fault on the part of the drug maker.  

Depending on the number of plaintiffs involved, resolving an Actonel class action lawsuit can vary in time; some Actonel class actions suits can take years while others will be wrapped up in a couple of short months. Commonly, an Actonel class action suit may be handled by more than one law firm. This is necessary to handle the large volume of documentation involved in an Actonel class action.

You should be kept informed if you request about all progress made in an Actonel class action lawsuit. However, once you have provided your records, you will probably not need to appear in court or directly involved yourself in an Actonel class action suit. You should be notified if and when an Actonel class action results in a financial settlement to be divided among plaintiffs.


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