Advair Diskus 500 50

Advair Diskus 500 50

A brief guide to Advair Diskus 500 50

Patients whose asthma symptoms are extremely severe may be assigned Advair 500 50 Diskus to temporarily supplement their long-term medication. This medication is solely intended for short-term asthma use--Asthmatics face an increased risk of death if treatment with Advair 500 is prolonged. It is important to closely monitor all adverse effects when taking Advair Diskus 500 50 to safeguard your health.

Advair 500 50 Diskus is the strongest possible dose of the medication. If a physician prescribes you Advair 500 50 Diskus, treatment will begin with 100 mg applications. Should this not prove effective, your dosage will be increased to 250 mg. If no alleviation of symptoms is achieved, your dosage will bump-up to the maximum 500 50 level.

A physician will carefully observe whether your most troublesome symptoms are alleviated by use of Advair Diskus 500 50. Once these are under control, a plan is created to reduce your use of Advair 500 50 Diskus to a smaller dose. Eventually, use of the drug should be discontinued to avoid adverse reactions or asthma-related deaths.

While this medication has been proven effective for long-term use in patients with emphysema or bronchitis in the 250 mg form, clinical studies have not proven Advair Diskus 500 50 to be useful for people suffering from such diseases. Therefore, patients with emphysema will not be assigned Advair 500 50 Diskus.

In addition to asthma-related deaths, Advair 500 use poses other dangers risks. If you experience even minor discomfort from the use of Advair Diskus 500 50, report these symptoms to a doctor. Be alert to signs of allergic reactions, including swelling, rashes and hives. If you are short of breath after taking Advair 500 and your emergency inhaler is not of help, seek emergency care.

Advair Diskus 500 50 is not intended for relief of emergency symptoms. If you are having trouble breathing, do not take an extra dose of Advair 500 50 Diskus. By doing so, you increase the risk of serious side effects.

Your physician should be clear about the potential risks involved in taking Advair Diskus 500 50. Additionally, guidelines that accompany Advair 500 50 Diskus will explain how to minimize the risk of serious medical responses. Be sure to closely follow doctor’s orders when taking Advair 500.

Contact a lawyer if you feel that your physician may have been negligent in supervising your use of Advair Diskus 500 50. You will not be able to sue for compensation if these occurred after you disregarded a doctor's instructions.


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