Alli Side Effects

Alli Side Effects

A brief guide to the side effects of Alli

The over-the-counter weight loss drug Alli has been found to be safe for nearly all those who take it. However, Alli side effects can be unpleasant. Before you begin taking this drug, you should be aware of what to expect from the side effects of Alli. It is important to understand how to get the most out of taking this drug and how best to avoid Alli side effects. 

Though you are not legally required to consult with a physician to purchase the drug, you should carefully read all the information provided by the manufacturer regarding potential side effects of Alli. This information is included with the drug's packaging. Additional information about Alli side effects can be found on the manufacturer's web site.

Review all this data regarding side effects of Alli carefully. Note that the most commonly noted Alli side effects concern various forms of stomach discomfort, such as having excessive bowel movements. Such Alli side effects may diminish as you continue treatment. However, itching, dark urine and similar side effects of Alli should be immediately reported to a physician. These are indications that you may be experiencing liver damage.

Alli side effects should not increase in danger with more dosage. However, it should be noted that this will not increase the efficacy of the diet. To avoid side effects of Alli and get the most from this course of treatment, you should create a diet which does not exceed 15 grams a day in fat. Additional information about how to create a diet which can help mitigate Alli side effects can be obtained from the manufacturer and your physician.

There should not be any side effects of Alli withdrawal. It is possible to take the drug for an extended period of time without experiencing serious Alli side effects. Adjust your diet as necessary. If you are able to establish healthy eating habits, you can consider discontinuing usage of the drug. Do not be concerned about the potential side effects of Alli. You should be able to adjust to a healthy diet without worrying that your body will have difficulty withdrawal.

Note that Alli side effects leading to permanent liver damage are rare so far and warned against by the level. This means that the manufacturer has sufficiently warned users of potential users of reported side effects of Alli as reported by the FDA. It is your responsibility to consult with a physician if you experience serious Alli side effects. The manufacturer provides a number to contact if serious adverse effects ensue and you are unable to consult a physician.

If you are seriously hurt by use of the drug in a way that is not warned about in the drug information, consult a lawyer. Only a professional experienced in lawsuits against manufacturers of dangerous medication will be able to understand if there is a good possibility you will be able to obtain compensation for the serious side effects of Alli.


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