Quick Glance to DWI Laws

Quick Glance to DWI Laws The penalties associated with drunk driving or DWI laws vary based on individual state. If you have already been charged with drunk driving it is necessary to understand your state's specific DWI laws in regards to repeat offenders.

The attached punishments of a state's various DWI laws drastically fluctuate; some states will mandate a jail sentence for second time offenders while other's wont. In most cases, however, the typical punishment for a repeat DWI offender is the following: the individual's license will be suspended for a significant period of time, they will be forced to pay an exorbitant fine, and in most states they will be sentenced to jail.

The punishments that most widely fluctuate for repeated DWI offenders are community service and rehab or counseling once the jail sentence or fines have been satisfied.

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