Delaware Family Law

What to Know about Delaware Family Law

What is Delaware Family Law?

Delaware Family Law collects all statutes with importance to the American family, ranging from criminal investigations to administrative law. Some individuals are confused by the concept of Delaware Family Law, and indeed it can be somewhat nebulous, including several different areas of law. Thankfully, in Delaware, Family Law is somewhat more specific, not including probate which is sometimes included. 

What types of cases are included in Delaware Family Law?

Adoption—Even though adopting a child in need is one of the most noble actions a person can take, Delaware Family Law doesn’t make it easy. That’s why individuals who are considering adoption should hire an attorney right aware and petition for legal recognition of their parental rights in a Delaware Family Law Court.

Child Support—According to Delaware Family Law, child support is decided upon according to a Delaware Child Support Calculator. This calculation is based on the amount a child spend’ with each parent and the income of each parent, among other factors. Delaware Family Law makes it almost impossible to challenge a calculation. However, you can petition for a change to your Child Support Order if your relative incomes have changed.

Custody—Child custody is usually decided first in a legal separation, and Delaware Family Law emphasizes a child spending time with both parents. Just as with most states, the typical result for qualified parents in Delaware Family Law is the father spending one weeknight and every other weekend with the child and the mother having custody at all other times. Of course, there are many, many exceptions to this in the annals of Delaware Family Law.

Criminal—There are two situations in which Delaware Family Law has jurisdiction when it comes to criminal cases. The first is domestic violence, which you can read more about below, and the second is when the defendant in a case is a juvenile. Juvenile defendants are somewhat unique, with special concerns as opposed to adult defendants. Delaware Family Law helps defendants to stay in school whenever possible, and stresses reform and not punishment when it isn’t possible.

Divorce—Not only is divorce the most popular reason to step into a Delaware Family Law Court, but it is one of the most common reasons to step into any courts at all. Most divorces are uncontested, with spouses agreeing on how to divide their property. Contested divorces and bitter arguing between Delaware Family Lawyers raises prices incredibly high for this legal action.

Domestic Abuse—Victims of Domestic Abuse can get an Order of Protection from Abuse, which is a document from the Delaware Family Law Court stating that the abuser must legally stay away from the abused.

Guardianship—Guardianship comes in several different guises in Delaware Family Law. For most, it means taking legal rights over a child under eighteen. However, you can also request a Standby Guardianship which enables a person suffering from a chronic illness to arrange for custody of their child after their death.

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