Florida Family Law

Florida Family Law


A Quick Guide to Florida Family Law 


Florida Family Laws


Florida family law is complex, but with the right search methods and understanding of the FL statutes, the branch of law is easy to comprehend and easily accessible by the public.   A complete and detailed list of all Florida laws and statutes is listed at Florida Statutes. 


This article will refer to certain statues that concentrate on Florida family law, as well as methods you can take to make your search under the FL legislature faster and easier.  You can also search the entirety of Florida family law on this website, and many of the search tips in this article apply to search methods on our site as well.  


Specific Family Laws and Statutes


If you choose to search through the FL statutes instead of performing a search, you’ll want to refer to Title VI, Civil Practice and Procedure, in order to reference Florida family law.  Some important chapters are discussed below that are most often referenced under Florida family laws.  For more information, visit the searchable statutes under the FL state legislature.  


Chapter 61 Dissolution of Marriage; Support; Time-Sharing


This statute usually referenced more than other statutes in Florida family law, and the first part of the chapter covers the majority of important issues in a divorce or separation: grounds for divorce or annulment, child and spousal support, property division, guardian ad litems, and more.  


Part two of this chapter discusses child custody agreements and time sharing in depth.  The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act is discussed in sections 61.501 through 61.542. 


Chapter 63 Adoption


This chapter of Florida family laws discusses the entirety of adoption, including some of the following important sections: 


• 63.039- Duty of adoption entity to prospective adoptive parents; sanctions 

• 63.042- Who may be adopted, who may adopt

• 63.053- Rights and responsibilities of an unmarried biological father; legislative findings

• 63.087- Proceeding to terminate parental rights pending adoption; general provisions


There are many more important statutes under adoptions law in Florida, and you are usually advised to speak with an adoption attorney before proceeding with adoption in FL.  


Chapter 88 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act


This Florida family law has nine different parts that address every stage of the Act.  


Search Tips for the Florida Family Laws


There are certain steps that will undoubtedly center your search of Florida family law and quickly bring you to individual statutes and parts you need to reference.  Consider the following helpful search strategies: 


1. Stemming- this technique includes adding suffixes onto your search, such as adoptions, adopting, adopted, or more

2. Wildcards- a wildcard allows you to search multiple words using an asterisk, and govern* will usually bring you to govern, governs, governing, government, governmental, and more. 

3. Missing variables- you can search for a missing variable with a question mark, and wom?n will bring results associated with woman, women, and more

4. Boolean Operators- you should always consider using and, or, and not to limit your searches as well 

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