Family Law Complete Overview

Family Law Complete Overview What is Family Law?

Family Law is the legal field in which matters concerning familial structures are addressed. Within the realm of family law, legal events, classifications, and legislative statutes may be identified as a result that they are specific to circumstances involving family members; legal stipulations that exist outside of familial structures may reside under the jurisdiction of family law, but classifications of certain events are typically identified in accordance to a respective reliance on a family setting. For example, in the event that an individual has been charged with the molestation of a child, they may face allegations in conjunction with child legislation, sex crimes, and criminal law; however, in the event that there exists a direct family relation shared between the child and the offender in question, the allegations may fall under the jurisdiction of family law – in addition to any or all additional charges.

Family Law and Parents


In the event that a married couple decides that their respective marriage is no longer viable, they may choose to undergo a legal divorce within the scope of Family Law. The couple in question may decide that a legal separation may be a more productive alternative to the dissolution of a marriage, yet such a decision is highly-reliant on the stasis of the relationship and lines of communication


With regard to agreements prearranged prior to marriage, certain married couples may have facilitated awards granted to the other party upon the dissolution of a marriage. Nuptial agreements are set forth prior to the finalization of a marriage agreement; in certain cases, agreements can be facilitated that prevent the awarding of alimony subsequent to the termination of a marriage.

Family Law and Children

Paternity Test

Paternity tests are classified as investigative scientific measures that are taken in order to determine the validity of paternity claims brought forth within a paternity lawsuit


Custody is a legal procedure used in conjunction with the determination set forth by the presiding court with regard to the responsibility of guardianship – or custodianship – of any or all children shared by a married couple

Child Support

Child support is a means of financial restitution in which a non-custodial parent can contribute to the expenses of raising their kids. Child support mandates are undertaken with regard to jurisdictional family law legislation; as a result, the amount of payment is determined by a variety of social, economic, and professional factors - a child support payment is monies paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent acting as the primary care custodian – or the custodial parent.


The restrictions imposed as a result of the awarding of Guardianship require the appointed Guardian to act in concert with a minor in regards to any and all applicable situations. In the event that a minor wishes to emancipate themselves from their respective legal Guardian, they may be able to file a petition of emancipation; upon emancipation, a Guardian will be relinquished of their responsibility of Guardianship.


Adoption is the legal process in which parents can acquire legal guardianship through authorized parental status with regard to a child who is not biologically related to those parents in question

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