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16. Florida Family Law
Florida Family Law   A Quick Guide to Florida Family Law    Florida Family Laws   Florida family law is complex, but with the right search methods and understanding of the FL statutes, the branch of law is easy to comprehend and easily accessible by the public.   A complete and detailed list of all Florida laws and statutes is listed at Florida Stat..
17. General Overview on Child Custody Laws
General Overview on Child Custody Laws Laws pertaining to child custody vary from state to state with some considerations. Generally speaking, all child custody laws aim to protect the child(ren) at hand and put them in the best interest.  Child custody laws are created by the state and are therefore, not considered federal laws. Child custody laws are referred to as statutes. It is advisable to work with a law..
18. Georgia Family Law
Georgia Family Law   A Quick Guide to Georgia Family Law   Where can I find the majority of Georgia Family Laws?   After you have arrived at the website, you can click on the “Georgia Code” tab on the left side of the screen, you will be brought to a searchable list of all GA Code.  The majority of Georgia family law is listed under Title 19 ..
19. Kansas Family Law
Kansas Family Law   Quick Guide to Kansas Family Laws    Where can I find the majority of Kansas Family Laws?   You’ll have to visit the revised statutes under the Kansas Legislature in order to view a complete list of all updated family laws within the state.  Once you begin searching for Kansas family law, you’ll want to reference sev..
20. Legal Right for Fathers Explained
Legal Right for Fathers Explained Legal Rights for FathersA father, who is involved with the creation of life, is given distinct and equal rights to that of the mother. That being said, in most cases, if the relationship is terminated between the father and the mother, the majority of custodial rights will be awarded to the mother. A typical family court, however, will evaluate the character of each parent befo..
21. Louisiana Family Laws
A brief guide to Louisiana family lawsMany different legal guidelines exist to regulate situations in which you must turn to the law in order to resolve an issue related to your domestic life. One common reason people will need to become knowledgeable about Louisiana family law is if you are seeking a divorce from your spouse. It is a common belief that a lawyer must be retaine..
22. Maryland Family Law
An Understanding of Maryland Family Law1. Marriage2. Civil Unions3. Domestic Partnerships4. Spousal Abuse5. Child Abuse6. Legitimacy7. Adoption8. Surrogacy9. Child Abduction10. Divorce11. Annulment12. Property Settlements13. Alimony14. Parental Rights15. Child Custody16. Parenting Time17. Child Support18. Paternity19. Juvenile AdjudicationYou have any of these issues in the sta..
23. Minnesota Family Law
What You Need to Know About Minnesota Family LawsThere are plenty of legal niches out there for the industry:1. Personal Injury Law2. Bankruptcy Law3. Finance Law4. Labor Law5. Intellectual Property Law6. Probate Law7. Estate Planning Law8. Criminal LawAnd then, of course, there’s MN “Family Law,” probably the most comprehensive niche out there next to Criminal Law.This i..
24. Mississippi Family Law
Mississippi Family Law   Quick Guide to Mississippi Family Laws   Where can I find the majority of Mississippi Family Laws?   You’ll have to visit the annotated code under the outside program of LexisNexis® for a complete listed of Mississippi family laws under the state’s judiciary.  Once you begin searching for Mississippi family law, you&r..
25. Missouri Family Law
For just about any aspect of Missouri family laws, you should seek consultation with a MO family law attorney to learn more about your legal options, possible arguments that might be made against you and flaws in the case you make.  While it might seem costly or unfavorable to involve an attorney in family matters, the best way to ensure the completeness of the Missouri fa..
26. New York Family Law
Guide to New York Family LawUnlike the civil and criminal court systems, which try to decide on a version of facts, family courts look at the best interests of children who are in legally vulnerable positions.  Divorcing parents, adoptive parents, those attempting to establish or deny paternity, and people seeking legal guardianship arrangements in New York may all need to..
27. North Dakota Family Law
North Dakota Family Law   A brief guide to North Dakota family law   There are many different circumstances under which you may need to turn to the legal system in order to resolve an issue related to your domestic life. One common reason people may need to familiarize themselves with North Dakota family laws is if they are seeking a divorce from their partner. It is a common ..
28. Oklahoma Family Law
Oklahoma Family Law   Guide to Oklahoma Family Law   While other courts often involve jury trials, family courts involve judges trying to make decisions in the best interests of families and children in the state of Oklahoma.  OK family law is a broad term that includes many different areas.  This guide will give you an overview of several different areas of Okla..
29. Open Adoption
Open Adoption The Option of Open AdoptionOpen adoption is a form of adoption that allows and maintains a continuous relationship between the birth family, adoptee, and the adoptive family. Having a fully open adoption can allow inclusion of extended relatives such as siblings and birth grandparents.There are different reasons to consider an open adoption:• To prevent or minimize any loss o..
30. Oregon Family Law
Guide to Oregon Family LawIf you are involved in a divorce case or any case involving custody or legal guardianship of a minor, OR family law and family courts will determine the outcome of your case.  Understanding Oregon family law and the way the family courts operate can ensure that you have a grasp of all of your legal options.  This guide will provide a very bas..