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Canadian Embassy Understanding Immigration Services from a Canadian Embassy

A Canadian embassy is the best source of information for traveling or immigrating to Canada. More specifically, a Canadian embassy can help provide information on immigration services regarding citizenship registration.

Applying For Resident Visas at a Canadian Embassy

In order to apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada, the first step is to acquire the temporary resident visa application package. This can be found online on the Canadian embassy website. One of these must be filled out for each individual applicant. The application requires the following documents:

Valid travel document such as a passport

Two copies of a recent passport photo for each individual

Application fee

Proof of enough financial resources for a visit to Canada

Other documents as necessary (e.g. proof of employment, identification cards, proposed itinerary, etc.)
After paying the fee and receiving a receipt, the documents must be submitted through the Canadian embassy located in the region of current residence. The application will take a varied amount of time to process, depending on the Canadian embassy of application.

After submitting the application package, it may be necessary to visit a Canadian embassy to have an interview with a visa officer. Furthermore, a medical examination may also be necessary. 

Applying for a Work Permit through a Canadian Embassy

In order to apply for a work permit for Canada, the first step is filling out the Applicant for a Work Permit Made Outside of Canada. This form can be on the Canadian embassy website. Depending on the country of residence, the individual may also need to apply for a temporary resident visa.

Immigrating to Canada through a Canadian Embassy

There are many different ways to become a permanent resident of Canada. These methods all have their own specific set of rules for applying, which can be found online. The types of Canadian Immigration applications include:

Sponsoring a family: A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a family member.

Quebec-selected skilled workers: Individuals are selected by the Quebec government to relocate and work in Quebec.

Provincial nominees: A province or territory of Canada can nominate an individual to move and work at that respective location.

Skilled workers and professionals: For individuals who wish to move to and work in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class: For individuals who have graduated and worked in Canada or those who have Canadian Work Experience

Entrepreneurs, Investors or self-employed people: For individuals who wish to start a business in Canada.

Where to Find a Canadian Embassy

Canadian embassies can be found in over 70 countries in the world. These locations have Visa offices for those Visiting Canada for various reasons, such as school, work, vacation, refugees, or immigration. In the United States, a Canadian Embassy can be found in the following cities:



Los Angeles

New York


Washington, D.C.

Some other international locations to find Canadian embassies include the following

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Accra, Ghana

Amman, Jordan

Ankara, Turkey

Bangkok, Thailand

Beijing, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cairo, Egypt

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Damascus, Syria

Islamabad, Pakistan

Kingston, Jamaica

Lima, Peru

London, United Kingdom

Moscow, Russia

New Delhi, India

Paris, France

Pretoria, South America

Quito, Ecuador

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rome, Italy

Seoul, Korea

Sydney, Australia

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tokyo, Japan

Vienna, Austria

Warsaw, Poland

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