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Important Display Advertising Trends for 2012


Updated Reports from Google on Display Advertising Trends


On May 29, 2012, Google released a detailed report on display advertising trends happening across a large percentage of the internet.  Some of the most important findings of the report on display advertising services are listed below:


1.       468x60 banner ads only accounted for about 3% of accessed impressions


2.       Display advertising services for mobile devices grew 250% between just the third and fourth quarters in 2011, and estimates show the numbers are only set to increase in 2012


Additionally, Google released information on the most common types of impressions accessed in 2011, and the display advertising trends saw the most impressions in the list below (from most popular to least popular):


So what do the display advertising trends mean to legal fields?


According to the same study released by Google, the amount of display advertising within the legal field only ranked 21 out of 25 industries.  The results are surprising considering the amount of legal advertising out there, and one of the main reasons for the low ranking is that many legal companies have failed to adapt to trends and embrace new types of display advertising services. 


The rest of this article will suggest display advertising services that more legal companies should embrace in order to reach more potential during the coming years. 


Step #1: Start Remarketing your Services


Legal companies need to start using display advertising services to target specific groups of clients.  Display advertising trends show that the following techniques can improve awareness:


1.       Market your services to different demographics: law firms should consider marketing their services differently for men and women. 


2.       Provide different messages: have a general message on your homepage and other messages to clients on pages that detail your services. 


3.       Expand your sources: display advertising trends indicate that YouTube is attracting more and more clients.  Try to use display

advertising services on the main website and the landing pages as well. 


Step #2: Start using video if you haven’t already


Display advertising trends indicate that video on both desktops and mobile devices is drawing in more clients than ever.  In order adjust to display advertising trends and increase your video exposure, use the following techniques and more:


1.       Use AdWords to quickly create videos.  Put you’re your videos in click-to-play or TrueView in-display format across Google to enhance your exposure. 


2.       Use display advertising services that use rich media along with video instead of Flash.


Step #3: Consider Social Media Ads


Display advertising trends have seen the importance of display advertising services on social media for a couple of years now.  In order to achieve your visibility over social media, consider the following techniques:


1.       Provide links within all videos to social networking websites.  Display advertising trends indicate that asking clients to respond about the ads on social media can increase brand exposure and positive reviews about your services. 


2.       Put social media endorsements within the advertisement as well.  Clients will automatically know that you have a social media website which shows a commitment to exposure and updated information to the public.


Step #4: Go Mobile with your Display Advertising Services


Display advertising trends indicate mobile display advertising services are the fastest growing services out there.  While adjusting your display advertising services for mobile devices, consider the following options:


1.       Adjust your display advertising services for tablets: display advertising trends indicate that tablet users are more likely to respond to image ads instead of text ads.  Most of the ads that were clicked on by tablet users were banner ads with creative and striking graphics. 


2.       Adjust your display advertising services for smartphones: display advertising trends indicate that more and more people are using their smartphones for internet usage instead of their regular desktop.  There are multiple display advertising services offered for mobile devices, and you’ll have to decide what type of advertisements are best for your firm. 


More Display Advertising Trends from Google on Ad Sizes


According to Google, there are over 1000 ad sizes that are currently used on the internet.  Unique sizes generated over 1 million impressions in 2011, but many of the hits on the unique sizes occurred because of a drop in traditional sizes like 468x60 and 120x600.  The most common accessed sizes of display advertising services were the medium rectangle, the leaderboard and the skyscraper. 


Additionally, according to Google, the 300x250 medium rectangles increased 12% leaderboard advertisements and there was an 18% increase in skyscraper formats in 2011 alone.  Google also reports that the top three sizes make up about 95% of all impressions accessed by the public. 


More Display Advertising Trends on Videos


Google reports that video impressions grew about 70% in the second half of 2011 with the double click platform.  Additionally, about 79% of videos were run until the midpoint and about 72% of in-stream video ads were completed.


About 51% of all video advertisement ran 15 to 30 seconds, while about 36% were more than 30 seconds.  Around 13% ran for less than 15 seconds.  So what does the data say about video ads?  Get the important information across as soon as possible!




Law firms need to adjust their display advertising services while following Rules of Professional Conduct.  Without meeting display advertising trends, the number of ads viewed by clients will decrease.  Firms should stay updated on display advertising trends as well and constantly adjust their display advertising services in the next couple of years while still relying on advertisement offline as well. 

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