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Steps for Creating a Network Marketing Blog


What are Network Marketing Blogs?


A blog for network marketing allows a company to sell a product indirectly through an outside associate by offering a percentage of commission to the associate.  Network marketing blogs have received a fair amount of negative speculation over the last couple of years, and the technique has become somewhat unpopular.  . 


Setting up a Network Marketing Blog


The steps listed below are standard step common across all network marketing blogs:


Step #1: The Home Page


Every blog for network marketing will have a homepage that gives a general overview of the company.  Most homepages have reasons why the particular company is better than all other similar companies.  There are often videos along with testimonials from members that have helped in the past. 


Step #2: The Transparent Review


The best network marketing blogs will usually have a page completely devoted to the positive and negative aspects of the company.  These pages often try to gain the trust of the reader and still provide an overview of the company.  A separate website is needed apart from the network marketing blog to explain specific details about the company. 


Step #3: The Compensation Plan


Every blog for network marketing needs to provide a page that is completely devoted to the compensation plan established by the company.  This is usually a detailed article about commission rates and related content, and this is where the majority of network marketing blogs go wrong. 

A large percentage of networking marketing companies offer commission rates that are extremely low even though the companies states the individual can make a large amount of money.  These statements are often misleading, but the best network marketing blog will offer rates that are reasonable and truthful. 


Step #4: The Bonuses Page


A blog for network marketing will often try to bring in people by offering a bonus at the beginning.  The network marketing blog will offer a bonus that is actually reasonable, but then the compensation rates prove to be unreasonable for the amount of work put in. 


According to the Federal Trade Commission, a network marketing blog that offers compensation based on the number of other distributers recruited is actually illegal.  The best network marketing blogs will offer ethical compensation plans and bonuses as well. 


Step #5: The About Page


A blog for network marketing should always have an about page that allows the company share their success stories and their experiences.  The page on the network marketing blog will often explain how the person can benefit the company as well as other members working for the company as well.  These pages are often there to build trust as well. 


Step #6: The Team Training Website


This is the most important step within network marketing blogs.  The team training website must provide specific instructions on how the new member can start creating their own blog for network marketing.  These pages will need to have instructions on how the person can set up pre-written emails and other types of tools for following up on a lead. 


Step #7: The Meeting Place


Any successful network marketing blog will have a forum or chat room where members can come to have questions answered by other members.  A forum allows members to efficiently communicate.  Additionally, the forum is a good place for announcements and other updated information. 


Establishing Connections with Network Marketing Blogs (Legally)


In no way can a blog for network marketing compensate members for recruiting other members.  This action is in direct violation of US law and state attorneys and prosecutors have investigated numerous companies as recently as 2010.  If a network marketing blog wants to try and bring in more members, the following methods are acceptable:


Method #1: Rely on Social Networking


A large amount of network marketing blogs have begun to provide information about their services on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.  A blog for network marketing will often try to post success stories in order to reach a large audience.  A network marketing blog will also use social networking to help their members stay connected to each other instead of using a forum. 


Network marketing blogs will often encourage members to create their own accounts as well and post their stories about working with the company

as well.  Although this technique borders on recruiting outside parties, the action is still legal as long as the member is not being paid for bringing in other members through social media. 


Method #2: Providing Tips within the Network Marketing Blog


A blog for network marketing will often have will often post information on the same blog or develop another blog to provide tips for members within the industry.  Such a technique allows those searching over the internet to research information on network marketing blogs even if they are not in the industry as well. 


Things to Consider about a Network Marketing Blog


You should always be hesitant before signing up for anything on network marketing blogs.  The Federal Trade Commission recommends you take the following steps before joining a blog for network marketing:


1.       Research the company’s history

2.       Learn about all of the products

3.       Ask as many questions as possible

4.       Understand the restrictions of the compensation

5.       Speak with as many distributors as possible

6.       Ask for an outside opinion

7.       Don’t rush your decision

8.       Ask yourself if the plan fits your goals


Conclusion: Network Marketing Blogs


There is a large amount of debate concerning a blog on network marketing.  Although a large percentage of network marketing blogs offer limited means to a member, there are some good companies out there that are willing to offer good rates and incentives to its members. 

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