Page Rank Calculator Tools: How Law Firms Can Use Them

Page Rank Calculator Tools: How Law Firms Can Use Them

If you want to calculate Page Rank for your website, you may be confused by the variety of page rank calculator websites you see when you do a search.  Different calculator tools are useful for solving different problems, and this guide will help you understand some of the most common and useful options.  In this guide, you'll learn about several websites where you can calculate Page Rank—both what it is today and even what it could be at some point in the future.

Why Do We Need to Calculate Page Rank?

If you've just created your website, you won't need a Page Rank calculator—yet.  But if you have an already established website, it can be very important to periodically calculate Page Rank.  A page rank calculator helps you understand in general whether your website has been gaining or losing in popularity and authority.

While Google maintains that Page Rank is not one of the most important factors in search, study after study published in academic journals shows that it is.  If you want for your pages to be listed early in search results, you should check your Page Rank with a Page Rank calculator often enough that you can identify any problems or drops in your PR values.

The Basic Page Rank Calculator

The most basic tool you can use to calculate Page Rank is offered by Google itself in the form of the Google toolbar.  If you're just looking for a Page Rank calculator for a single web page—perhaps the home page of your law firm website—you can simply use this toolbar as a quick way to identify the Page Rank value.

Keep in mind that when you calculate Page Rank with the Google toolbar, you'll actually be seeing an outdated version of your Page Rank.  The toolbar is only updated periodically, and you may actually be seeing a value in your Page Rank calculator that is 2-3 months old.  A little later in this guide, we'll explore how to find out what your Page Rank may become in the future when the toolbar updates.

Using a Page Rank Calculator for Link Juice

This Page Rank calculator ( will help you identify how much link juice will come from each link from a particular website.  Whether you want to know how much link juice each of your web pages will produce or how much juice you're likely to get from an inbound link from someone else's site, this is a great way to calculate Page Rank statistics.

Page Rank Calculator Tables: How Many Links?

Some people want to calculate Page Rank so they can know how many inbound links they'll actually need to move on to the next Page Rank value.  This Page Rank calculator ( will help you to know how close you are to backlink success.  If you calculate Page Rank for your website and find that you need 4000 more links to get to the next Page Rank value, for instance, you'll know that you need a great deal of link building if you want to successfully improve your Page Rank value.

Page Rank Calculator Based on Link Numbers

This one ( is a little bit more complicated, and helps you to calculate expected Page Rank based on the links you're building.  In order to effectively make use of this calculator, you will need to have the number of inbound links directing to your page that are of each Page Rank value.  To do this, you should first run an inbound link checker on the page, then run a list of these pages through a list-based Page Rank calculator (like this one:

Of course, you can also use this calculator even for a website that hasn't been made yet.  By playing with some of the numbers for your inbound links, you can better understand how to quickly raise your levels of link juice.  This Page Rank calculator may be one of the first tools you use when thinking about how to create a realistic inbound linking strategy for your website.

Page Rank Calculator for PR Value Prediction

This tool ( helps you calculate a predicted Page Rank value based on the number of links to your website.  What's interesting about this tool is that it actually gives you a predicted Page Rank value that doesn't take into account any of Google's penalties for over optimization.  If you suspect that your Page Rank may have taken a hit because you over optimized your website, you can calculate Page Rank using this tool and see whether there is a discrepancy.

If there is a large discrepancy between the number you get when you calculate Page Rank using this tool and the PR value your website actually has, there may be several explanations.  However, one of the most likely is that one of Google's algorithms has detected evidence of artificial link structures.  You can get your PR value back in line with the PR value you calculated by deleting the links to the offending websites as soon as possible.

Page Rank Calculator for Future Page Rank

Sometimes, you may calculate Page Rank right now, and you may not be sure whether the Google toolbar is actually giving you the most up to date information.  This tool ( helps you calculate Page Rank using many different servers.  Because each server is updated at a different time, this tool can help you anticipate an increase in your PR value.

How Often Should We Run a Page Rank Calculator?

You should probably calculate Page Rank for your own website at least every 2-3 months even when you're not making any major changes.  If you're trying a new link building strategy, you may want to use several different Page Rank calculators every couple of weeks so that you can keep a closer eye on the fluctuations that occur as your links go live.

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