California Real Estate Principles

California Real Estate Principles is a textbook designed to help convey the key principles of the practice of real estate in California. The book is specifically designed to help an individual to pass the California Real Estate Sales Exam, which is the exam necessary for an individual to become licensed to practice real estate in California. California Real Estate Principles has gone through several different editions, the most recent of which is the ninth edition, which came out only in 2010. The book is written by Dennis J. McKenzie, Mary Ellen Brady, and Jr. Edwin Estes. Recent updates to California Real Estate Principles were designed to better inform individuals as to the state of the practice of real estate in California after some of the changes in recent years, including the establishment of the SAFE Act, which does not necessarily have a tremendous impact on the whole of the practice of real estate in California, but which very much affects the mortgage broker market.

California Real Estate Principles, while it is primarily designed to help individuals to gain licenses for dealing with real estate in California, may also be a very useful tool for any individual with an interest in becoming more knowledgeable concerning real estate in California. Using the book would not, in and of itself, provide an individual with everything he or she would need in order to actively go about selling or buying real estate in California, but it would certainly make an individual much more knowledgeable, such that he or she might be able to protect him or herself from a bad deal.

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