Clay County property appraiser

Properties in Clay County are appraised for tax purposes, at least every five years as mandated by Florida State law. In fact, the County property appraisers are elected officials who carry out the laws in the state when determining the value of property within their assigned county.


The Clay County property appraiser makes determinations about the value of property according to standards such as the location, size and amenities granted by the county. For instance, properties located in counties which have added benefits for county residents, such as parks and lakes, often receive a higher appraised value on property.


The location of a property, such as the proximity to those parks, also influences the appraised fair market value as determined by the Clay County property appraiser.  In fact, the proximity too many amenities such as schools, also influence the value. However the quality of those schools can have a negative impact on the value of people located near those schools. For instance, properties located near schools which have received a failing grade from the state, are likely to experience a decrease in value.


There are several factors which may have a negative impact on the value of property when determined by the Clay County property appraiser. Areas which have high crime rates will have decreased property values, as will areas which do not have easy access to emergency services, such as Hospitals. The property itself is not the only factor used by the Clay County property appraiser to determine fair market value.



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