Bactroban Lawsuit

Bactroban Lawsuit

What is Bactroban?

Bactroban, the brand name for Mupirocin, is an antibiotic used to treat impetigo and other skin infections caused by bacteria. Bactroban is not effective in treating viral or fungal infections.

Bactroban comes as an ointment. It is applied directly to the skin three times a day for 1 to 2 weeks. Users of Bactroban are recommended to follow the directions on their prescription label. Use Bactroban only as directed; never use more or less of or use it more frequently than as specifically prescribed by your doctor. Never apply Bactroban to your eyes.

Before using Bactroban you should inform your doctor of the following:

•  To prevent Bactroban side effects, tell your pharmacist and doctor if you are allergic to any drugs or ointments

•  Tell your doctor and pharmacist what nonprescription and prescription medications you are taking, specifically Chloromycetin.

•  To prevent Bactroban side effects, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are currently breast feeding.

Failure to inform your doctor and/or pharmacist of the above will result in the formation of Bactroban side effects.

Bactroban Side Effects:

Please check with your doctor if any of the following Bactroban side effects persist or become particularly bothersome:

•  Headaches are common Bactroban side effects

•  Burning sensations have been reported as Bactroban side effects

•  Nausea is a common Bactroban side effect

You should seek immediate medical attention if any of the following severe Bactroban side effects occur during treatment:

•  Severe allergic reactions (rash, itching, difficulty breathing, hives, tightness in the chest and swelling of the face, mouth, tongue or lips) are regarded as severe Bactroban side effects

•  Severe itching or irritation is documented as severe Bactroban side effects

Bactroban Lawsuits:

Bactroban lawsuits are filed by users of Bactroban who encounter unusual adverse reactions or those who are negligently prescribed the medication. Moreover, Bactroban lawsuits may be filed by patients who were never made aware of the Bactroban side effects, ingredients or proper applications of the drug. These filings would all be examples of personal Bactroban lawsuits—said actions are filed by patients seeking Bactroban settlements for the development of bothersome medical conditions.

In addition to personal Bactroban lawsuits, more prominent filings have been made against GlaxoSMithKline (Bactroban’s maker) for failing to adhere to proper manufacturing processes as it pertains to producing and shipping drugs like Bactroban. The most famous Bactroban lawsuit of this model cam,e in 2004 when whistle-blower Cheryl Eckard was terminated for confronting the company concerning poor manufacturing procedures at one of their subsidiary plants in Cidra, Puerto Rico. This particular Bactroban lawsuit alleged that the company reported inflated and false average wholesale prices for the drugs. For this particular Bactroban lawsuit, the prosecutor found that the drugs were contaminated and did not contain the correct mix of active ingredients as approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The Bactroban settlement in the above case called for the payment of $750 million—the Bactroban settlement ordered $600 million to go to the federal government and states and $150 million to be paid as criminal fines.

Other Bactroban lawsuits are rarer; the drug is simply a cream that is meant to relieve skin infections. That being said, if you experience an adverse effect while taking Bactroban, you should seek the counsel of a legal representative to evaluate your legal options. If the lawyer (depending on your situation you should look at hiring a drug, personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer) believes that you have grounds for a Bactroban lawsuit, you should proceed with the legal initiative. A Bactroban settlement can be secured if you can definitively prove that Bactroban-use directly resulted in your injury/illness or that your medical professional was negligent with prescribing or administering the drug. Bactroban settlements are used to offset the costs associated with your injury or illness; a Bactroban settlement will provide compensation to make-up for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.



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