Meridia Lawsuit

Meridia Lawsuit

A Brief Guide to Filing a Meridia Lawsuit:

What is Meridia?

Meridia, which is comprised of Sibutramine, is used in conjunction with exercise and a low-calorie diet to help people lose weight and maintain weight loss. It must be stated: Sibutramine is no longer available in the United States. The drug was removed from the market in light of information from a recent clinical study. Results of this study showed that Sibutramine users faced an increased risk of cardiovascular effects, including stroke and heart attack. Therefore, if you are taking Meridia, you must discontinue use and call your doctor to discuss alternative weight loss treatments.
In addition to severe cardiovascular events, Meridia side effects also include the following:

Meridia Side Effects:

Meridia side effects, in addition to cardiovascular risks, may occur regardless of circumstance. Please inform your doctor if the following Meridia side effects are severe or persistent:

• Common Meridia side effects include: change in appetite; headache; constipation; dry mouth; weakness; back pain; nervousness; runny nose; flushing; painful menstrual periods

Some Meridia side effects are classified as severe. The following Meridia side effects, although uncommon, require immediate medical attention:

• Serious Meridia side effects include: anxiety; depression; stomach pain; extreme excitement; nausea; shortness of breath; fast or pounding heartbeat; lightheadedness; confusion; abnormal movements; shaking hands; seizures; excessive sweating; changes in vision; eye pain; difficulty speaking or swallowing; hoarseness; swelling of the face, tongue, throat, eyes, lips, hands, feet, lower legs or ankles and unusual bruising or bleeding.

Meridia side effects may take other forms. Please contact your doctor if you experience any unusual reactions to Meridia.

Meridia Lawsuits:

Because of these adverse occurrences, many users sought to file Meridia lawsuits before—and after—the drug was recalled. The number of Meridia lawsuits prompted the court system to consolidate legal filings into multidistrict litigation. This arrangement allowed one federal court to decide how to proceed in multiple Meridia lawsuits.
The Ohio Northern District Court was given the responsibility of hearing Meridia lawsuits. In 2004, the District Court dismissed all Meridia lawsuits (these Meridia lawsuits were seeking compensation for the development of the aforementioned side effects).

The dismissal was prompted because of a lack of evidence; the plaintiffs, in these Meridia lawsuits, could not definitively prove that the medication was responsible for their injuries.

Additionally, contrary to the claims of the Meridia lawsuit, the ruling found that sufficient warning of the risk of increased blood pressure and cardiovascular events was provided in initial prescribing information. Evidence regarding Meridia side effects provided by a pharmacologist was dismissed, because the individual was ruled unqualified to evaluate the risks of high blood pressure. A lack of studies demonstrating a wider pattern of such events was cited as another reason why a Meridia settlement should not be granted.

In 2009, the result of a large-scale study concerning Meridia side effects was released. The report found that patients taking the drug were 16% more likely to experience cardiovascular problems including non-fatal and fatal heart attacks and strokes. This study also concluded that weight loss results were too low to justify the risk of such Meridia side effects.

Rather than filling a Meridia lawsuit against the manufacturer, the FDA requested that the product be withdrawn. Abbott did so in 2010 without having to pay a Meridia settlement. No Meridia lawsuit of note was filed afterwards by former patients. To date, no jury trial has resulted in Meridia settlement being awarded.

Meridia FDA Regulations: 

In 2010, the FDA warned that several non-prescription weight loss supplements contained unlisted amounts of Sibutramine. This inclusion could lead to adverse responses similar to Meridia side effects. Patients who suffered from intake of these medications would have more grounds than in a past Meridia lawsuit to sue the manufacturers. As in a claim for Meridia settlement, an attorney could demonstrate that a manufacturer knowingly sold an unsafe product. However, no lawsuit regarding reactions similar to Meridia side effects in supplements containing Sibutramine have been reported yet.

Regardless of circumstances, Meridia lawsuits claim that Abbot Industries (the drug’s manufacturer) should have been aware and warned patients of the Meridia’s potentially fatal side effects.



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